Publish0x Versus Hive: The Ultimate Guide With Similarities & Differences!

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Dear Hivers,

As Hive continues to gain popularity, we have multiple sites talking about us. And today, I am picking Publish0x for a reason.


Here's what happened: Publish0x is a news-platform. Someone there wrote about Hive on Publish0x. And it turned into a popular article with this headline:


Basically, the entire article says Publish0x is better than Hive for blogging. Even though it explains 12 benefits — most of them are simply bad.

Some of the points were:

  • Everybody is equal
  • Quality vs quantity
  • Friendly on readers
  • Easy to understand
  • Publish0x feels fair and real

Equal, quality, friendly, easy, and real?


Now, only one side of the story was revealed. In fact, having used both the platforms, let me take the responsibility to reveal the truth.

Let me explain what is missing from Publish0x.

And with this, I am writing today’s article to explain countless of other writers and authors about Hive. I want them to know and see the real difference between Publish0x and Hive.

First, let's start with the basic similarities:


#1 Both are crypto platform

And both have built-in audience. So you will find people to read and digest your content.

Publish0x, of course, is geared around crypto news and doesn't have real curators. Hive, on the other hand, is new and growing quickly with hundreds of accounts created everyday.

#2 Both reward you

On Publish0x, there is a concept of tipping. A reader can tip an author from the pool. This pool is basically a sponsored crypto company giving away tokens.

On Hive, as you know, we have an upvote / downvote mechanism. Hive uses its own token called Hive.

Publish0x borrows tokens from other companies and is crypto-agnostic.

#3 Both are open for content creators

Anyone and everyone can start participating right away. You simply have to sign up and then start sharing your content.

Way I see it, Publish0x is mostly focussed on crypto updates and inviting other crypto folks to shill tokens.

While Hive has communities — curators — and bunch of categories that goes beyond crypto. All in all, both are inviting content creators.


#1: Publish0x is not transparent

It is centralised unlike Hive (which gives complete control to its users). Being centralised takes away the freedom. You are NOT taking one step forward — rather one step backward.

I will explain why centralisation is wrong. (Point #5)

#2: No dedicated token

Publish0x relies on tipping of any available tokens. The token pool has various tokens (sometimes even bad coins). I have received multiple tokens and I don’t find a sense of belonging to any.

Also, let's talk about tipping. Let's say you read 50 articles a day. You do it for 30 days every single day. And you tip authors on each article.

Then you are going to earn approximately $7.5 per month. For hundreds of hours spent.

#3: Publish0x pays you peanuts

A couple of dollars at best. If you check the homepage, you will find more under-one-dollar article compared to Hive. Also, most are SEO-based boring articles as the site doesn’t support 100% uncensoredship.


#4: No true community

There is no DPoS mechanism. No blockchain. And no feeling of community. It is simply a bunch of people writing articles for any tokens.

In short: There are not too many moving parts. You have the "owners" on one side and the "writers" on the other.

#5 Publish0x hires writers

Perhaps this is the first time anyone is exposing this. Because Publish0x secretly hires writers on different platforms. I discovered this last year:


This is done for various reasons. One is to make other writers feel like a ”community" of writers do exist. Second, to get the “quality” articles from paid writers. I really don’t know what to say about this.

Is this the community?


Maybe publish0x is a great place to earn cryptocurrencies — make several dollars every month — yet there are dozens of hidden facts.

There is no transparency. No good rewards. No community. And certainly no decentralization.

While it allows everyone and anyone to earn money — the concept has been stagnant for sometime now. Hive, on the other hand, has been excelling on all fronts.

Therefore I am writing this post to call out all the publish0x authors to try Hive. Here’s why I am saying this:

Hive offers content freedom

There's complete freedom of speech here. In technical words, Hive is a censorship-resistant platform. No one will stop you from writing anything and everything.

In fact, if you combine anonymity with the freedom of speech, the result is something beautiful. In my case, because of the anonymity, I also had the freedom to share even my blogging income, make challenges, and start my spiritual series.

Hive approves all articles

Unliked traditional platform where content is controlled, you can literally post anything here. Even adult content, if you wish to. But beyond that, one can reveal untold facts, bitter truth, and be highly opinionated as well. No one will ever stop or delete your post.

Every type of content is accepted here. Every. Type. YES!

Hive is always transparent

Note: Hive is an open-source project where developers and people who are likely to invest show their interest.

On Hive, everything is stored on the blockchain and everything is as transparent as the depth of the ocean.

Hive offers you 100% ownership

As I discussed in my earlier article, a lot of centralized platform fight for your attention — and then they punish you by controlling your attention. They control the content, which is not something you will notice on Hive.

Here you have complete ownership of your content — and of your data with no strings attached.

In short, there are multiple benefits of being a content creator on Hive:

And this is just scratching the surface because when you talk about rewards, we have over 13 ways to earn Hive tokens. I have explained them all in this article.

Here is the infographic:

Again, the entire article is here.

In short, with Hive you get:

  • Complete decentralisation (no one is a central authority)
  • Rights to publish uncensored content — complete freedom of speech.
  • Earn rewards
  • You are the owner of your content
  • Commentators earn too
  • Stunning vibrant "real" community

Plus, there are dozens of apps built on Hive and one can participate there to earn more tokens. Really, Hive is more than a blogging platform. It is the foundation of web 3.0.


Liked this article? Feel free to comment and upvote and reblog.


Bro when I read the part of 12 reasons why publishox is better then hive, I couldn't hold my laughter 😂😂😂. The person that published that story certainly was looking for tips from the reader and didn't want to open the real truth.

I love this article bro 👌💯💙

Thanks for sharing 😇

Haha! I don't know why the author wrote that article. It was time someone from our community revealed the truth! 👌

Yeah it was high time and you did.

Saw the upvote, thanks 😊🤗

you published this on PublishOX right?

Oh YES! I am on it. Haha!


Great comparison/contrast.
I use PublishOx. I think it is another entry point for mass adoption, and for taking advantage of the early user crypto benefits, free money!
As you said,the one part that makes it completely different is the centralization.
In so many ways it is inferior to the open source potential,immutable censorship resistant, multi-faceted experience available through Hive.
And we are only just beginning to grow!

In so many ways it is inferior to the open source potential,immutable censorship resistant, multi-faceted experience available through Hive.

Inferior is the word. Just wanted to be truthful though. I didn't expect someone to cover Hive, so I took the initiative to answer.

Nice comparison. Publish0x limits the number of times you can tip authors in a day. I think, the limit is 5 tips per day.With that, the earning estimates could still go lower if you rely on tipping and not writing.

Oh yes. Good point. Thank you!

Another blockbuster article!
I didn't know the specifics on this, as I had written some on PublishOx. Yeah, the thing i LOVE about Hive, is that NO ONE IS APPROVING OR REJECTING my work.
That is truly a wonderful thing. Pure freedom really.

Freedom + massive ecosystem. And true community. People like you add so much of energy!

Absolutely THRILLED to connect. Let's keep crushing!

Looks interesting. Bookmarked to read later.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Thanks Sid for the analysis. Found it very useful. Did not that Publish0x was hiring writers, nor that their payouts were very low.

Although, a lot of content on Hive that performs the best is trade talk as well, but I do think that there is a budding subset of Hive post growth that are diversifying out..

I agree with most of your points but to be honest I read the P0x article and agree with most of its points as well.

Overall I much prefer hive but

  1. I think the tokens in the P0x reward pool are actually pretty awesome (BAT DAI and LRC).
  2. I don’t think P0x not having their own token is a problem in and of itself
  3. However the way P0x’s rewards work does not seem sustainable at all!
  4. P0x is not trying to be a community. I have read somewhere (maybe in their FAQs) that they want to be just a blogging platform (like Medium) and that is what they are (just not a very good one - yet!!!).
  5. When the author said that on P0x everybody is equal, they are referring to the fact that you don’t need to invest a lot of time or money before you’re earning enough to even buy a coffee or beer with P0x as is the case with hive (at least this a common feeling amongst hive newbies). Or in other words, as someone else already commented, it’s a good entry point for non-crypto people. Having said all that, your argument against this is that it’s centralised which I also agree with!!
  6. The author of the P0x is an experienced hive (steem) contributor so they know what they are talking about (note - I’m not suggesting that you don’t know what you’re talking about!).

Just my two cents.

Hi Mrhill, I agree with all your points. The author does mention the difference between Hive blockchain and right away. His comparison was to ignite conversation. And mine was built on the same foundation. Just different take because a lot of people will only buy the one-sided truth.

Hence this post. I am glad you mentioned all the points.

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Never even knew that something like publish0x existed.

Been around for two years I suppose. Decent platform but can't beat the 3-month-old baby.

lol, nice...

Publish0x one of the names I've heard along with hive,
Just like you, visiting the homepage it's easy to understand the whole difference.

Haha! The homepage comparison itself was good enough.

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I pushed this on Twitter for the world to see. #posh

I gave it a try, but thought it was crap...

Very good article. U are putting in gr8 efforts. Good luck. consider putting in actnearn hashtag

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Nice write up. I really think that the 12 benefits that author totes are more aligned with Hive. You could, as you have, literally go down their list; check, got it, and better on Hive for each item. Good rebuttal and one to post one publish0x... probably do the same for lbry too.

Having used both Hive and Publish0x, I can agree to most of this. Hive feels like a well-knit community, and within that community there are smaller subsets, with each group sharing differing interests and passions. The biggest downside with Publish0x for me, is that it doesn't feel like a community at all. It has that Medium-esque feel where people publish posts, and there's not a whole lot of engagement or chatter going in between.

With the exception of a few keen users, there's no fun and laughter at all. As such, I don't feel like it's an enjoyable experience, even though I'm merely reposting the stuff here on Hive. The rewards are, as you said, peanuts! Where we can earn sometimes tens of dollars here (though normally less), posts on Publish0x are worth cents. Literally, my posts are normally tipped less than $0.10. Money isn't the biggest motivator for posting, but at least there's some recognition for getting rewarded.

Not on Publish0x, and the biggest bounty I've earned so far is from a competition they had there. I didn't know about the fact that they're hiring writers, but you are right about centralisation and some degree of censorship. I've not had any posts been removed or flagged, but before publishing anything you're required to do a 4-point checklist, saying that you comply with this and that, and if you don't, your post will be removed.

In all, Hive's the better choice for almost everything. The UI is better, not to mention the post editor (it's god-awful on Publish0x). The only advantage I can find, is that when you're posting something on Publish0x, there are suggestions for the tags you're trying to pick. That's the only upside.

Literally, my posts are normally tipped less than $0.10

post editor (it's god-awful on Publish0x)

True. I enjoyed it for sometime as I was publishing content for a crypto company to gain awareness. But for publishers, not the best yet. They are trying to solve a problem but it is not really going anywhere.

I do hope they make improvements to it, soon enough. It's a neat concept idea, and there's certainly a need for more platforms in this space, just like Hive and (ahem ) Steemit. I'm still reposting there, but I wonder if it's a good time to just say goodbye. It feels like a lost cause for the most part anyways.