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RE: Posting frequency and the blurry line

in OCD2 years ago

I agree this is a tough question, as some are more suited to the task of daily posting then others and depending what your posts are and the inventory of drawings, photographs or essays you have in physical locations or in your head.

I write in bursts, about ideas or questions or things related to ideas, questions or tangents. So depending on my job workload and the content of the articles I read my brain may put out more the 3 posts a day, but in general I stop at three per day, although I have been known to go over that number when a significant number of great ideas, events or questions caught my eye. I think I stop at three because beyond that I worry I might be accused of farming. But I feel comfortable exceeding 3 when I think I have valuable content.

Add to that, that I love to write and since I started out almost two years ago with sometimes zero votes on my posts for months, so I feel like the people people who vote on my posts think I add value, and I like to think they look forward to my posts each day, as I look forward to reading posts of the people I follow, so that is a partial incentive to write.

I think my other personal incentive to write is that it is how I learn and process all the new information I read each day. I like to take a concept which is new and write about it, as if I was explaining something to some one, like a teacher would because I think that when you really understand something you can explain it to someone else. Plus I feel great when I write a good article explaining the great things about cryptocurrency and especially like Steem because I think the both of them have the potential to help people a lot through reading, writing, educating ourselves and possibly enriching ourselves.

I guess those reasons for why I write explain why I sometimes write so many posts. I like writing. It’s good for my brain. And when I am on vacation and don’t post for a day or two, or swamped at work and don’t post it’s okay because posting is something I do as an enjoyment which I make time for not to grind out posts.

I have arrived at this mindset, I didn’t start with it.