NFT ART: Crypto Ball #19 The Seventh Seal

in OCD11 months ago

CryptoBall 19 promo.jpg

The Seventh Seal has been constructed of gold and rubies, reinforced with Lapis Lazuli stars. It is a circular chest that can only be opened from the outside, as the Seventh Seal is actually a prison for bad feelings and bad passions.

All bad ideas, all bad desires, and all impure feelings are locked there. The darkest forces in the universe are imprisoned in this jail that looks like a piece of jewelry.

It is said that if The Seventh Seal were opened, the world would end in a few seconds, with no chance to turn back. For a long time I have been your guardian, but the burden of this task has been too much for me and now it is necessary to transfer this responsibility to someone else.

Please, if you buy this NFT, take into account that you also acquire the responsibility of keeping it closed and you will be the new guardian of the Seventh Seal. Only buy it if there is peace in your soul and purity in your heart to prevent it from opening.

You can view and (if you want) buy the token posted on #daVinciGallery (#NFT's MarketPlace powered by #HarmonyONE):