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RE: Analog dates and cradle cats

in OCDlast month

Staying away from your cellphone or computer for a few hours is something we all should do regularly to realize there is life beyond connectivity. I agree with you it is sad to see parents in the park with their kids requesting their attention and they just keeping their eyes on the screen.
It is great to have access to everything we have online right now but balance is key and too many young kids do not realize how important is to have a social life offline to keep balanced.


Since we do tend to learn a lot by example, I wonder what kinds of parents the kids will grow into - or how many will be parents at all, given how little social connection many seem to want these days and I can only imagine it will get worse. Perhaps for some kids, there will be a flip back to analogue, but I reckon that for most there will be a doubling-down on digital parenting.