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WILL EXPLAIN HOW HIVE CAN benefit developers, gamer, content creators and investors.

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Greetings from WEB 3 BHARAT, ODISHA.

AIM: Bringing together curious minds to spread awareness about web 3, Build the Web 3 Ecosystem and onboard People of Odisha into Web 3.0, and Help them with the transition from Web 2 - To adopt web 3.

When: 07th August 2022, 3.00 Pm to 6.00 Pm
Where : Bhubaneswar, Odisha ( Looking for a Venue to accommodate 50-60 Members )

Register Here :

Agenda (Tentative) :

3.00 Pm - 3.15 Pm : Check in and Networking
3.15 Pm - 4.15 Pm : Sessions on

  • Intro to Web 3
  • Blockchain , working and use cases.
  • NFT’s : Purpose and UseCase
  • De-Fi
  • Community Building , Culture, and DAO

4.15 Pm - 4.30 Pm : Snacks Break
4.30 Pm - 5.15 Pm : Share Your Journey Session
Founders and Others who are already working in a Industry will be requested to share their journey with Everyone

  • Hive ( SANJEEV M )
  • KoinX ( Punit Agarwal )
  • Milk Mantra
  • TrustlessCap ( Lingraj Mahanand )
  • CoinStore ( Amit Dash - Business Developer )
  • Foundership ( Santosh Panda ) - To be confirmed.

5.15 Pm - 6.00 Pm : Team Based Fun Activites ( Quiz and Competition ) and Networking Session

End of the Meetup

Who is Invited to Attend :

Students/Founders/Investors/Product Managers/Developers/Marketers/Community & Ecosystem Enablers who are into Web-3 or want to transition from web2 to web3.

Hosted By - PRAYASU SIDHA SATAPATHY with Web3Bharat


Web 3 Bharat is a physical community, bringing together curious minds pan India to spread awareness about web 3, with the objective to set up a web 3 ecosystem in tier - 2/3/4 cities of India so as to drive adoption by creating a network of web 3 creators and consumers. We provide education, networking, and opportunities to our community members and help them to upskill. We conduct both IRL and URL meetups, and virtual workshops, launch bounty programs, work with web 2 companies to adopt web 3 also build products along with our community members.

To know more about us, visit

This is the initial draft agenda that has been put forth and is getting refined.

So it all started with a conversation on twitter and quickly shaped up.

And the entry is by invitation only, so we are focusing to have the right audience and also deliver them the best experience to start on WEB3. As we have something for everyone on #hive, I will try to quickly touch base on various dapps focused on their niche areas like blogging, photography, games (Splinterlands,dcity,Rabona etc), nfts, videos / live stream on 3speak , finance blogging, Defi built by @leofinance and of course micro blogging (@dbuzz and LeoThreads), Work out on actfit etc. And then I will also explain the power of community, how each of the community can build their own dapp and even have their own tokenomics which will be an additional reward. And thanks to @threespeak for the video reference that explains how one can set up his own front end for a community for free with almost zero dev knowledge - its very important. And last but not the least, I will not forget to touch on the HBD interest - the best stable coin that people are yet to discover.


I have already agreed to sponsor, because it excites me to explain HIVE to people as it can provide a living to many people. This will be my first physical representation though. I am not going to take all the money when I die, but if by any means, I can help someone, that blessings means a lot. And I may join the OCD onboarding program as an active onboarder to help people, as well as support them with my little stake here. Please point me to any other graphics or other important niche, I should include.

The Hive Graphics is from @doze , you can help me by upvoting this to sponsor more for the event.



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You have already been doing a lot for Hive and now, you will take your onboarding efforts to the next level. Exciting news! Good luck with your presentation man! :)

Connecting people physically is always challenging and also rewarding. But we will have to get there. Collectively we grow - the power of decentralization is in community.

Well said ;) I´m sure your presentation of Hive will be a huge success and I cannot wait for your post about that big day :)

I will explore, if we can live stream on @threespeak ?

That would be awesome! :)

Onboarding is always something we should all do and praise, well done, as i myself have onboarded five people while only two of them still remain active, to this day, we should all try to onboard others and grow hive community and influence :D

I hope this Meetup will be a great event and achieve the objectives that are set

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60 people is a large amount and everything to continue developing the #Hive Web 3.0, since with that we will continue transforming a much better future

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Wow. this is fantastic and glad to see that you are doing this to bring more attention to hive.

It will benefit them as well as us.

looks very awesome! 😊😎👍 Have a great successful and fun time!

This is such an awesome move. To see that you are one of the people contributing and helping the hive community grow is a big deal and i commend you. I hope everything goes as planned and this becomes a huge success. Bravo!

Great effort on your part. Thank you so much for your contributions

This is really nice of you and also a way to bring in more people to benefit and learn from this platform. Keep up the good work moving.

Wow that's great, love to see a HiveFest in India so that we all can join.

Yes, HiveFest in India will be a no miss.

What a session!

So great to see you rallying the troops for some networking, learning and fun. I can only imagine how good the snacks will be!

@OCD onboarding is legit and you definitely have to be ready with an onboarding method for new people.

Nice work my friend!

Here is a little token of appreciation for your inspiring efforts ;)

@tipu curate

Thank you so much.

Hi @sanjeevm. It's a cool thing you're doing here. Congrats and good luck! Keep up the good work!

I'd like to suggest the Loving Hive community for this type of topic as I think it fits perfectly. OCD is for topics that don't fit in any other community.

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Thank you for pointing me to the Loving Hive community, will do next time. Can I cross post this now in that community ?

You're welcome. If the community rules where you want to cross post allow it, then yes. You need to read the rules of each community first, then act as in some cases, one mistake can lead to you being muted. Each community has its own rules.

Very well, you are doing the work of a Hive evangelist. More power to your mission.😁 I believe with this setup a lot is coming to play which means more empowerment of the attendees. Maybe soon, if there'd be another edition, invitation could be for all.

Welldone @sanjeevm