Some goods for UA Refugees from the HiveBuzz Team!

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Hello Hivers, as you might know, @hivebuzz team made an NFT collection to support Ukraine during the Russian invasion!

We took part in consulting and preparing images for the @arcange's team!

You might want to check what it is about here

NFT's can be bought via and all the money raised should be spent on humanitarian needs!

Our team received 250 HBD from the fund and added some more funds from the @ua-info-resist account and bought some goods!

We help refugees that are running from war and staying in school sport halls. Yesterday we brought the goods, and saw how they live. War is a scary and shitty thing, you never understand how bad it is till you see the results of it(

Wishing you guys never feel that way!

I was really stressed seeing refugees sleeping on the floors, but smiling, cuz they are still alive, and there are people that can take care of them.

It's good to be in touch with local authorities and volunteers to help those people who really need it!




Yasinya, School #2, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine, 29/03/2022

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You can also help:

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ETH \ BUSD \ USDT (BEP-20) \ BNB \ ANY BEP 20 COIN that is available on the Binance




It's great to help real victims of the war. I'm proud of what you are doing guys. I wish you more luck doing that. And I hope you will see peace soon. I wish that from the button of my heart !

ty mate, we are trying to be as helpful as we can, but we are focusing more on military volunteering