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RE: Posting frequency and the blurry line

in OCD2 years ago

Have these voters note noticed the 'max votes per day function' on autovoter?


Originally, there was no such thing and it was one post, one vote. Mindhunter was raping the johal vote a lot and updated his profile to something like "the highest earning Steemian" :D

He earned a huge amount at one point!!!

Yeah, it was insane =)
until it was pointed out and ended quick smart.

He took it relatively well. He always was a chancer!

and @meesterboom - johal's delegated to ocdb now, I've never come across mindhunter.

What counts as a 'serious whale account' has changed quite a lot too in recent times I think.

What counts as a 'serious whale account' has changed quite a lot too in recent times I think.

Just wait until the ATH ;D


Lost me there.

All Time High.

There are so many people who have powered up a lot over the last 2 years, so many large dolphins and orcas. When the highs come, this place is going to go insane. Be prepared :)

It has. Quite a few sprung up out of nowhere after tha last hardfork!

I've been meaning to have a look at the largest accounts on Steemd for a while, it's just quite tedious.

That last HF has stopped a lot of posting too.

It helped a lot and it stopped a lot. I lean toward it being for the greater good in general but it did stop some good things too

I can't think of much I miss - I did enjoy earning from comments, but I always thought they were never worth or more cents, so I'm glad that's gone, I think @abh12345's


initiative is much more the way to go with that.

Besides that it's quieter, whether that's because of the HF or the general decline in the crypto price, I just don't know!

One downside of the HF is that it does inspire a certain mercenary attitude towards curation, but if people really are self-interested, I think that's a more effective way to make a social network work compared to the haejin approach.

Anyway, gonna start rambling!

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It's seriously like they haven't or they have decided to just reap the curation and don't care. I can think of one recent example but it's a common thing throughout the ages!!