"Food for thought V" And we here thinking that technology, the internet, cryptocurrency and the blockchain will save us all in the future eh?

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I really hate to have to tell you this folks. But someone has to do it. It has become apparent that nowadays we rely too much on for communication with each other using email, social media, video conferencing and every kind of chat technologies through our computers or mobile devices right?

But, can we truly trust it always will be this way? I mean, are we sure of its eternal availability? Would the technology, the internet, social media and all its associated gadgets & services always are going to be right there just at the reach of our hands? ¿Yes? ok, then keep reading. "R.E.A.D.I.N.G."

Oh! but from now on you will have to actually Click, READ and Learn. There is no other choice. Otherwise you are very free and welcome to stay always happy inside of your little bubble of comfort until it suddenly burst.

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"For When The Machine Stops"

I dunno if this post sprung in my mind after reading about a long and vivid dream a friend of mine had last night. Or if these thoughts has been hovering inside my twisted brain for a good while. But don't hate me for trying to make you think outta the box too.

Yeah, I am merely an old fart who happen to be also a defensive pessimist. I told you so many times before. I'm not sure if during that vivid dream my friend got in touch with the channelizations of some weird beings abroad.

I can't say yet if they were The Nordics, The Reptilians or The Greys. Out of many others. Oh yes, certainly there are a few. Check this out!


Of course. Keep Clicking, READING and Learning.

Yup I'm old!. I know things. I've seen things. I've heard, seen and READ many things before. You can believe it or not. But for you disbelievers, just let me show you this below for a few moments.

And over here the "official" uncut footage.

Yeah! watch the whole thing. But specially from 1:32m to 1:56m.

You can think and believe what you want. But I've found this footage very telling and interesting since three decades ago when I saw this video for the first time on TV. Probably the most impressive video on the matter.

But alright, despite of all this curious, intriguing and confuse sidetracking. Let's get back to the main subject of this post. Yeah! the one highlighted in the title of this post and also well deployed in the two articles behind the links embedded in the two images at the beginning of this post.

Did you CLICK on them?

Ok, if you clicked and read them, then follow ahead. Keep reading and learning. You won't regret put your neurons to squeak once in a while.

So, in all seriousness. What comes next is of what this post is all about.

"The July 23, 2012 incident"

We are just one week away from the eighth anniversary of this sidereal event.

Yes, now go back and re-read the title of this post if you already forgot what it said. Are you immune to these astronomical anomalies? Are you trusting too much in technology, the internet, the cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocols to save your ass in the next future? Well, that remains to be seen.

But what more could I tell you. Oh yeah, this has been just one more of my outlandish posts no one reads or understand which just jumped out from the tip of my head for your peaceful and relaxed reader's weekend.

Yup! today is friday!

And probably along this couple of days you'll have plenty time to read and investigate.

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Something tells me this would affect my budding career as a player of video games...

Is this for something in particular or just for the uncomfortable glasses? Hahahaha

I’ve just got to laugh at myself sometimes. On the one hand my goal is a return to a simpler life surrounded by nature with food and water and air that have not been poisoned, on the other I seem to have no way to even attempt to make money except by pursuing Virtual income streams (well hopefully the income is real)

Embrace the duality I guess

Oh! my dear friend. If you only knew how many times I've had to laugh at myself sometimes. :)

And yeah, a simpler life surrounded by nature with food and water and air that have not been poisoned (yet), is more & less where I am now. Well, but still nothing of this comes easy for life, unless you also master & enjoy to some degree the ancient art of breatharianism. };)

Embrace the duality I guess

Yep buddy! that and being conscious and very alert about everything and all, is always the best approach. :)

Also speaking of uncomfortable glasses... 🧐