Best Blockchain for Development in 2021

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In this article, I will try to discuss about best blockchain for development that will support you with your brand-new or existing ventures and Dapps. There are lots of blockchains and each has its own differences according to the purpose it serves. You can choose the system which will suit your venture most.

best blockchain for development

In the digital world data is the power and we are not always good at taking care of it. Corporations want to work together more efficiently with less trust issues. Blockchains like Hive are regularly proving that this kind of collaboration is possible. You can use Hive blockchain to prove what information existed at which point in time.

Why Hive is the Best Blockchain for Development?

We all know that Blockchain application saves time. Hive performs transactions in real-time where that transaction normally takes days to complete.

The Hive platform is built upon Chainbase, which is a progression of Graphene. Chain Base evolves systems with blockchain technology and to create an original market by connecting and employing both the technology. To stop blockchain crashes and block corruption Chainbase is resilient. It is more durable and more talented than its ancestor. It supports identical access to the database and allows snapshots to be produced of its state while managing a scaling volume of RPC requests efficiently without an unusual rise in memory usage.

ChainBase is produced to satisfy the imperious necessities of blockchain applications. It is suitable for any application that requires a strong transactional database with the capability to have almost-infinite levels of undo history.

Hive blockchain was basically produced to digitize trust and agreements. It is furnished to maintain a larger database than any of its opponents. You can adapt hive for any type of application that needs speed and modularity as Hive allows for almost real-time transactions. To support scaling, non-consensus ledgers are implemented as plugins. A Hivemind written in Python is a "Consensus Interpretation" layer for Hive blockchain, maintaining the state social features like post feeds, follows, communities etc. It acts as an API for the blockchain and reduces both interaction and node requirements. It is leveraged to permit Hive to scale at a controllable rate while it naturally grows and develops.

It's beneficial to have a good grasp of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), So custom JSON is declared on Hive. Hive maintains custom JSON operations which provides you to post any type of JSON data into the blockchain. Some project scripts and Dapps are using JSON as a data format and to encode a range of text data on to the chain.

JSON is most commonly applied in APIs for programmability and used in most of the modern applications. It is a patterned data format that can be adopted by any Dapp, giving interoperability between various programming languages. This immediately translates nearly any application that is connected with and make use of the Hive blockchain. Custom JSON works as a modifiable database that is customized to the precise necessities of the Dapp.

Many applications are taking advantage of custom JSON transactions. Especially those Dapps that require its users to publish an additional identifier as part of a specific transaction. With the help of a script that observes the blockchain in real-time or through various other mechanisms, that data can be easily retrieved.

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Hive is a resilient and scalable blockchain by design. Hive is designed for totally unique business functionalities that reach far beyond information processing. Hive has already designed a well-organized ecosystem for the Dapps developers to build decentralized applications with a larger user base. Many Dapps and services created the ever-growing Hive Ecosystem by operating in the Hive blockchain. Hive is the perfect land for existing and new Dapps and enterprises to establish on.

To use any Dapp that is connected or built on Hive blockchain or to use Hive as an account holder, you don't need any initial investment. Hive has a huge userbase, which is why Dapp or enterprise has the advantage of introducing their product to existing userbase. As well as they have advantages to onboard its own client-base, or simply utilize the blockchain as a data record for external customers.

At Last...

We people are struggling regularly to build effective networks and more reliable data processing methods.

If we see in the past, at the beginning we practiced to save data only in our human memory which was of limited ability. Then we discovered writing, to prepare and register data, but it can’t be mounted and concocted after a limit. Then the era of computers came, and we adopted computers to create a world with the single objective of assembling data, saving it, processing it, and setting it to good use. This world looks like a small place, where everything getting attached, one at a second by the turn of billions of devices into data collecting and processing units.

The progression has shown us that the networks which are effective, clear, committed, democratized, entrepreneur, and open-minded, works far better. More reliable than any other sort of network. The Blockchain technology (and cryptocurrencies) encourage us to understand these sorts of markets/networks are more suitable.

So are you willing to take your ventures, application, business, or service to the new era of trust? Are you ready to participate in a Blockchain for getting better support with larger data and real-time transactions?

If your answer is yes then it's your time to rely on Hive Blockchain, which is one of the fastest, performant, and best blockchain for development.


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the mystery is that even when it has advantages more than other ecosystem, devs are still building on ETH than Hive...

ETH is the second largest platform after Bitcoin. So it will take time to convince devs. Sooner or later Hive will get more attention.

I'm still trying to figure out what I can build using the Hive blockchain. I am a developer and am unable to understand that. Can I just build blogs on top of the Hive chain? What else can I build?

I believe this article will give you some idea. Let me know if you find it helpful.

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