Hive vs. HIVE Blockchain Technologies: any updates anyone?

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

I just wanted to start working on editing and renaming my banners, logos, profile info etc. to complete my transition from Steem to Hive but before I do that, I would like to be sure we will really stick to the new name.


Why should´t we? Well, I recently came across a few articles according to which HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd., a Canadian mining company, doesn´t like the name of our new blockchain and they have even sent us a cease-and-desist letter.

I have not really found much information about this issue here on Hive so please if anyone know more about it or have any updates on how this thing has been panning out, let me know in the comments below. I really hope we can solve this issue without actually renaming our chain.

Here is a few links to articles that inform about this case.

Steem Fork Faces Legal Threat From Mining Firm Over ‘Hive’ Name from

Mining Firm Threatens Lawsuit Against Steem Fork For Using The ‘Hive’ Moniker from

Steem’s Hard Fork Hive Facing Legal Issues From A Canadian Blockchain Company from


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I cannot give you any reliable answer but here's my understanding:

There's really no way of hive tech. To sue the hive blockchain as a whole. Since it doesn't belong to anyone really so there's Noone to sue.

They could potentially sue and whoever owns that platform... Maybe. Worst case being that this platform would have to change name. But what would be the point of that?

Now is that realistic? Not really no. Especially not if these two firms are from different countries then it's even more difficult to my understanding.

I think it's just hot-air and nothing more honestly. But time will tell. I think changing the name of the blockchain would kind-of kill the momentum

Thanks for your feedback man. I am an absolute layman in both blockchain technologies and law but I somehow have the very same feelings like you. Maybe, the Canadian company just want to get some extra publicity as Steem/Hive has been all over the crypto media for quite some time already...

Yeah I think so as well. Like are they even called "Hive"? I think they are called "Hive Blockchain Technologies LTD" - so good luck for them to try to claim the name Hive for themself. lol. I don't think they are a threat enough to hold on with your time-wise investment here.

That´s right, I think I will start rebranding my stuff to Hive later today ;)

As a journalist, I can tell you:

The company also paid press release companies to distribute this news, as they want to take advantage of the situation.

It doesn't cost much.

The issue is: Other media outlets starting covering it. Then again, they only care to share news. Not question them.

Now how long can the company drag this?

That's the question.

Depends on how deep their pockets are.

Worth waiting to see if anything unfolds. Or if someone from our platform can strike a deal to continue operating.

Definitely a tricky situation no one saw it coming!

Thanks for this interesting insight. So you think they would never file a suit as they hope the media pressure would make us take an action (pay them off or rename the chain)? It would be great if a lawyer could share his opinion on this with us. I am sure there are some in our community.

So you think they would never file a suit as they hope the media pressure would make us take an action (pay them off or rename the chain)

They are probably looking to be paid for the name. Perhaps that's why they chose media as hiring lawyers is going to be expensive.

And yes, such cases are best handled by lawyers. Strange they chose to announce (which makes me feel like their intention is something else).

Only time will unfold what next.

Right, thanks for sharing your thoughts again. We will see how it unfolds. Hopefully it turns out good for us.

I was wondering the same thing. Once the HIVE market cap reaches a substantial amount, expect the lawyers to come out. It seems like an easy case for them , type hive blockchain and they pop up first. But, I believe they can easily be paid off, who will pay Idk. But they need to take this seriously. And I believe they are.

Well, easy case... I think this is something only lawyers can assess. To me, "hive" is way too general and common word for anyone to be able to usurp it as trademark but again, I am really an absolute layman and my opinion has no value :D Hopelly, someone more familiar with this environment will share their thoughts too. Thanks for yours anyway!

Yeah mine has no value either 😄 but the way I see it , two blockchains using the name hive , one registered , the other I’m not sure. But I think things will be fine. May have to stop using the word blockchain which may not be a bad thing. I’m gonna ask my friend who is a cyber security lawyer. But I really think things will be fine, but better to be cautious.

So just talked to my friend who is a cyber security lawyer and interestingly he was an intellectual property lawyer before.

If Hive ( the Canadian ) registered with WIPO, World Intellectual Property Office and Hive ( fork ) is second, then he suggest not to argue but change the name. Or not to operate in Canada and quickly register somewhere else. Doubt they’d want to do that. Hopefully their is an IP lawyer who can dig into the situation.

Also for our HIVE it’s in our best interest that another blockchain that may be inferior to ours isn’t confused with hive blog.

Now this is interesting, thank you so much, finally we have some relevant opinion here :) Yeah, hopefully, there are some lawyers here who could look into it and make sure we will not underestimate anything.

PR stunt.
Flailing company seeks bandwagon, imo.

Yeah, I have the same feeling... We still should be careful though.

Meh, we just rebrand, again.

I don't know why this is coming up now but it's best it's sorted out now that the hive blockchain just started before it becomes a threat.

I agree. It would be great if some qualified people could look into it before something goes wrong...