80 % of the populations has antibodies against the novel Coronavirus according to Dr. Ehud Qimron

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News not picked up by other media

Interestingly a very important finding by Dr. Udi (Ehud) Qimron and Dr. Uri Gavish from Israël on natural immunity by approximately 80 % of the population was not picked up by other media. Maybe because it was too good news? And the hype and hysteria must go on for a while still...

On 4 different places in the world the penetration of the virus into the population was followed by these two doctors. They found out that on The Diamond Princess, the US Navy ship Theodore Roosevelt, a German village called Ganglet and a Madrid hospital all people got tested. And what they found out was staggering. On both the ships social distancing and other measures were merely inmpossible, so the virus got a free route there. But in both other cases all possible security measures were taken. And still the penetration of the virus was similar after respectable time. Never more than 20 %, a maximum of 19 % was measured on the Diamond Princess. The Madrid hospital personel was infected for 15 %, with all security measures. According to statiscal calculations, this means that 80 % of the population has natural immunity for the virus with high probability.

This is just amazingly good news, and should be studied more in depth, so these lockdowns can be lifted. But no! This news just stays in Israël. So I decided to share it!

Dr. Ehud Qimron

Here is the Link to the article. You will probably have to translate it through google translate from Hebrew to English.

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Very interesting news sir. You should consider the curration trail #informationwar @informationwar. They have been in this fight for a very long time and I am sure they could use your support and give back to your tribe. Hive On!