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RE: Death by screen

in OCD2 years ago

A perfect photo here and the truth displayed by the words for us all to see.
Sadly when I write the thought is always wondering how many people will actually read it.
The screens are turning us into an instant society that live by only reading very short paragraphs.
Loneliness have become our shadows.



Thank you for reading, I wonder the same thing when I post: how many read between the lines?
I find loneliness at maximum highs right now. And it is all because of these screens which give the illusion of closeness. What can be done? Switching it off, having days with no phone around, turning off data, going in remote places and reconnecting, finding out how would a day be without technology.

So right, as there are not many that can read between the lines due mainly to a lack of reading.
Yes and fortunately I can get out into nature often with no electronical stuff, except my camera.
I even make it a point to leave the phone at home and it is quite a different life out there.
One of sanctity and belonging.

Blessings and have some !WINE

Wonderful, I do the same

Glad that you do, as for me evey outing is an adventure.