Preserved enough, Had enough or Wasted enough?

in OCD8 months ago



Gluttony and hunger are two completely parallel entities, some people are born to abuse food while some struggle to get even a morsel per day or days as it has been reported in places all over the world. Its sad, despite the age long battle against food preservations and wastage, food scarcity and inadequate nutrients in the quality of food available in some corners of the world, yet some individuals couldn't control what goes into their mouth and bowels especially at others expenses.

Aside from all these food insecurities mentioned above, the downside of eating uncontrollably is also a threat to an individual's health. I went on a date with a girl a while ago, about a year plus now, and this girl literally ate everything she's been craving for, from pork ribs to ice cream, then a take home pizza. Well, I was ashamed and at the same time laughing inside me seeing this drama. Thankfully, I had enough cash on me and I was having fun watching her fool herself to stupor. Anyways, that was the last time we saw each other cos it was shameful and it is hard to control people like that.

Luckily, advancement in Technology is impacting all aspects of our lives including eliminating some of the World's food crisis by ensuring proper food preservation and storage after production, but as end users, final consumers: are you moderate with your you ingest and munch on?