Do you agree that death is a biological necessity to maintain balance in nature?

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Death is the permanent end of the life of biological organisms - Wikiquotes

The last and ultimate Characteristic of any living organism is dying. Irrespective of the advance technology of immortality being in the making, this last phase is a process no living thing could evade, an inevitable stage. From every indications, it has no specific timing; it comes beckoning without alerting. Death came for my loved ones when i least expected, my dad and mom and maybe some of yours too.

With that, i'll like to take the pain to examine the necessity of Death with regards to the balancing of the resources available for the living. Does it apply to humans too or just animals? The balancing of natural resources!

"Death is the necessary mechanism to maintain a balanced resources"

I quote this piece from @gavvet With your permission and due respect, from one of older articles on Steemit. I will like to dissect that quote from your blog; what if the entire population is wiped out of an Eco-system, then what resources is needed to be maintained or rationalised?

I brainstormed each time i read through, have been asking myself this same question since reading the article from about three years ago: THE EVOLUTION OF ADAM- THE BIOLOGICAL PURPOSE OF DEATH. What if there was immortality, how do we all survive with limited and dwindling resources of our planet?


Is there any direct benefits from the death of another organisms?

A yes and a No!

Taking humans first to justify the No- It is a devastating effects on the surviving ones.



From human perspective, there is a termination of all familiar bond and a break off/social detachment that occurred from the death and this has varied results on the families or friends behind left behind to grief and mourn which had led to more death in cases of depression or maybe suicide. Also, from Economical standpoint, it has a 50-50 effect considering the world population presently irrespective of death rate.

Consider when a booming business owner dies or a family's breadwinner, the impact could be felt as most of such business die off along with the owner(80% cases) and then most families suffer when their breadwinner dies(Wife or husband). In reverse, the death of a worker creates job opportunities for others and same for businesses, a dying business gives room for another to boom which seems like an healthy thing for any economy.

For animals and plants, yes death has so many benefits over living. A dead animal provides food for thousands of other organisms there by sustaining more lives - Illustrations

A dead Antelope


Vultures, Carnivores




fertilizes the soil- bring good crops for humans and Animals!

A biological necessity and yet a mechanism as seen in the above analysis, but this principle does not fully apply to higher animals -intelligent species as explained above with Human scenarios.


Scientifically, evolution and struggle for survival is the surest mechanism to balance resources for all living organism in a particular habitat. The intervention of human into any Ecology has both a good and a devastating effects on the resources and organisms in there.

The theory that proposes that ecological systems are usually in a stable equilibrium i.e a small change in some particular population will be corrected by some negative feedback that brings the parameter back to it's original "point of balance" with the rest of the system.

From this assertions, death could be a Biological necessity and at the same time a resources balancing process taking a cue from:

"The predator/prey" system and also herbivorous and their food source.

In essence, Biodiversity and the Ecosystem service is a strong factor determining the function of death as a resources balancing process or a necessary Biological system.

To conclude, I am opinionated that immortality sound cool but it could mean a great imbalance and at the same time it could not necessarily mean an unbalanced resources!

Thanks for reading

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If we live to see immortality through uploading our consciousness to the cloud, then I will probably choose natural death over it. And when it comes to medicinal prolonging of our live for a decade or two, that could be fun but eventually death is not just inevitable but also a salvation for the soul. There is so much more in this universe than just our physical experience in a human body. Part of my occult research is about the Golden Gate of Osiris, the central black hole of the galaxy, which is the exit point for the soul after death.

Death is a spiritual experience and not only a biological function.

That last line is golden, a spiritual experience. Fantastic