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RE: Posting frequency and the blurry line

in OCD2 years ago (edited)

Yeah....this is all So true.... my rewards dropped to almost zero... so I was needing to post 10 times a day just to make a buck. Even with 6200 Steem power .... I messed up. No way back now. Oh well. I made a huge mistake and sent 3 Steem to upmewhale like I see others doing and got downvoted to zero. What a mess.


Once labelled a spammer, it can be hard to come back (far from impossible though) as some kind of trust has been broken. Post HF, vote-buying was targeted due to the ridiculous nature of it.

Hope you are well here now.

Not sure. I used to get some decent upvotes... but that's disappeared. I guess I need to take a good long break from Steem for a while. I was gearing up to Promote like crazy on Twitter.

That is not the only mistake you made, you actually sided with and tried to defend one of the terrible pest of steemit, @flysky

I am fairly certain you did that without knowing as well, but you know terrible mistakes add up :)

Well... I asked a question about what was going on. I did not know the History of all these flagging wars going on. So yeah ... I guess I am just collateral Damage. This place is pretty unforgiving. How do I remove this blemish from my Record ?

@flysky is a seemingly, highly confused person.

Yeah ... for some reason he was giving me lots of fair sized upvotes so I thought he was a good guy. I made a big mistake of asking why he was being flagged and I guess that was the end of me.

I don't even know who he was until he started downvoting me for three months straight. Still don't really know who he is, and he is still downvoting :) This is Steem, it is filled with all kinds.

That is brutal. I wish we could all just get along over here. This does not bode well for the Future of Steem I am afraid .... So many vandettas... everywhere ... It's crazy.

Meh, I don't worry about them so much, it is what it is. Overall, Steem is much more entertaining than any other place I have found online.

That is True. Lots of crazy talented and motivated people here.

Ah, and I don't think he has ever commented on one of my posts or why he is downvoting.

nop, that's not the end of you :) You should focus on your content. Write 1500-2000 word posts ;)


Ok... I will try that then. Thanks for the advice.... and for the Engage tokens.

Here is a Fresh start. Let me know what you think.

A Digital Painting (video) Demonstration ....


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I got caught in the Cross fire between the Biggest Whales on Steemit and for that I am screwed. I am just a simple Artist, photographer, filmmaker trying to spread the Good News about Steem ...... oh well...