Stress and anxiety in BDP disorder.

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Everyone of us some says suffer from anxiety or stress but it seems that people with borderline disorder feel them more often an in a stronger way than the others, often without a motivation that's why people close to them can be confuse.
Borderline is a border zone between various symptoms (also anxiety and depression) and a psychotic zone with paranoia, hallucinations etc..

People with BDP feel strong emotions, more stronger than the other, and their mood can change really minute by minute that it's really hard and stressing, like a battle without rest and peace.

Usually people with BDP have an high intolerance on the stress and many difficulties to calm down when they have bad feelings or anxiety.

Everything with them on their mind is extreme, they have extreme feelings and emotions.

Usually when a BDp person is under pressure or full of steessdoimpusilve things like binge eating, compulsive shopping or sex, alcohol and drug abuse etc....

In some case they can also try to commit suicide.

These acts can calm down them for a moment but can be terrible the day after and have dangerous consequences...

People with BDP are unstable on their mood so stress or anxiety are really hard feelings for them.
BDp people have a low self esteem and they often think they are not enough, wrong, unable to help themselves, bad, ugly etc...

But they are just a little bit fragile and they can work on it with therapy.

They can also fight anxiety and stress but they need a right therapy and mental strategies to fight their inner "demons"


I was fighting with stress and anxiety only last year. It is one of the hardest things to speak about because you just don’t know yourself why.
I remember waking and asking my own mind ”what day will we have today?”
That is a scary place to be but yet there is nothing you can do to change it.
I used to feel that it was all i people’s head but now I know that it’s deeper than that.
Couldn’t begin to imagine what BDP feels like or wether you are speaking from personal experience or sharing knowledge of the condition. Maybe it’s both. Either way I am glad that I have read this as mental health is something that needs to be more widely understood.

I agree, I have BDP that's why I try to understand better my disorder on order to live and accept it as a part of me, it started with an high anxiety and an alcohol abuse, some days anxiety and pain was so strong that make me think to kill myself that's why I went to a therapist and a psychiatrist, now it's better but there are still moments when I am down are very hard. We must talk more about mental health, ita still a big taboo in many places

Taboo it is but becoming more and more common through the ages. I have seen studies state that this due to social media and internet creating a society where we are more susceptible to triggers. I don’t believe this!
I have had some hard times in my life but have coped ok mentally and then I have had times (like last year) where things in my life are going great but that still never stopped me from breaking down.
I never got to a point of wanting to take my own life and hope that o never have to fight with that thought but feeling disconnected with, not just the world but with yourself is so hard to explain. The worst thing I ever wanted to hear is -“what’s wrong with you?”-
I can talk about mental health until I’m bat shit crazy So I will end it here but yes we should chat sometime.