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It's been a moment of reflection over so many things in my mind after escaping an accident earlier this morning. This life is unpredictable, one can just wake up to some uncertainties and it takes the grace of God for us to overcome some negative energies around us.


So as my title says, I was saved today. My husband, myself, and my baby were saved from an accident that got me thinking. What if I died, who would have taken care of my kids? What if my husband or my baby died? What if we sustained so much injury? We would have been in the hospital by now. What if the bike guy died or was injured badly? It would have been issues that will deprive us of peace of mind and cost lots of damage...These have been the thoughts running through my little mind since the encounter but thanks to God our Saviour for His intervention.


I had a couple of things I needed to sort out with my Bank so I decided to join my husband in his car while driving to work this morning. So we left by 7 am, it was supposed to be a 30mins drive and I will reach my destination but then after 20mins just close to where I was heading to, one man driving a motorbike from nowhere just drove enter into the high way just in front of our car and wanted to drive across the road so quickly as if he was being pursued by someone. My hubby seeing his fast reckless driving tried to shift his hand quickly to avoid colliding with the bike guy and on doing that, he then hit a big trailer in the front that landed us on top of the pavement that was used as a demarcation of the two service lanes on the high way. Our car bent with a high pressure including all of us inside the car and some people around including those driving too stopped their vehicles and quickly rushed to rescue us!

Everything happened so fast! My heart was beating fast, my baby was crying, and my husband was standing mute after the rescue and looking at himself, the damaged car and we his family. The bike guy that caused this incident was shaking too, he kept apologizing nonstop saying he was running away from an officer who wanted to arrest him due to the ongoing ban on motorbikes in Lagos State. He felt bad to have put us in such a mess but the deed was already done!

Well, I thank God for we were saved, no serious injury just part of the car that got damaged. We dropped the car at the mechanic workshop and I proceeded to get my objectives done in the Bank hall and went home.


On reflecting on the whole situation today, I can only say thank you Jesus for everything.

How is your Monday going? Hope great.

Thanks for visiting!

Please note: All pictures are mine taken with my cell phone

Remember to keep staying positive and be happy🥰💞🤗❤


Thank God that you are safe. Life is indeed unpredictable.

Who do we have here🤗

Big hugs my darling, thanks to a bunch 🥰

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oh glad to know you are alright

Yes Burl
I am good
Thanks for your kind words 👍

Thank God nothing happened...All Praise to God

Yesoo bro
It can only be God

Oh my God! Thank goodness none of you were hurt. May God keep saving us from the foreseen and unforseen dangers🙏.

Amen ooo
Thank you so much Dimma🥰

Thank God for the gift of life

I can't even imagine anything at all😢

Nothing oo🤣🤣
God did it bro💃

As in eeh
All thanks to Him today and forever

Glad you are safe my friend, we are all on limited time which is why we should try and make the most of everyday stay safe and well @nkemakonam89

Thank you so much, my friend
I do appreciate your warm words

@nkemakonam89! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @benthomaswwd. (16/20)

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What awesome God we serve.

Oh yes, He is awesome

Hmmm it's well o, thank God for the guidance and protection.

My prayers are with you and your family.

Thank you so much my good friend
I appreciate 👍🤗

You're welcome.🤝🤗

That was a close call!

Survived by Grace!

So glad everyone is OK. Moments like those make you think about a lot of things that don't normally cross your mind. Thanks for sharing.

Honestly, that moment unfolded lots of unusual thoughts
You are right sir

Thanks for your visit