From Jules Verne's science fiction to real science

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Greetings colleagues from the Hive community, welcome back to my blog, where you can find content to the vast universe of science, mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, philosophy and general knowledge accompanied by scientific dissemin that stimulate the content of science.

On this occasion I bring you as learning from science fiction theory, humanity has come real science by inspiration to say it in this way.

Fiction something that doesn't correspond to the facts. Example: pure mathematics, theology, science fiction, non-figurative plastic arts and deliberate idealizations used in science and technology, such as frictionless wheels, perfect competition and the "J.rawls" situation. Information consulted in Dictionary of Philosophy by Mario Bunge, 2001.

It seems like a lie but it is true, science fiction in began as a literary current, but over time it became trending and then a culture, in such a way to science snow were inspirational to bring it to reality as much as theories and technological advances.

That is why science fiction is considered within its literary content, it is enriched by the fantastic in some cases it mixes it with the narrative of terror, but really its importance, which I try to share this aspect of literature is important because it serves as a projection of ideas and models, in order to advance possible developed events, whether it comes from the imagination is where the field of science enters to check that imagination, either by applying mathematical models, to define us or to use technological tools.

Science fiction has reached the public through film and television. But it is much more than this, it is a literary genre with more than a hundred years of history, it has even had different trends and subgenres. Information consulted in The Science Fiction by Miquel Barceló, 2016.

In the most particular I really liked the literature of Jules Verne among the classics, I know that there are another great authors but this is one of the most unique, through his three great works, where he boards journey to the center of the land, interstellar trips and the conquest of space, also where he involves submarine voyages and the mysteries of the seabed , I say it to be widespread to make it more dynamic.

We know that man always being curious about things and literature like these was inspirational, as we human beings like to take on challenges. Let's make the following comparison:

[1]- Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864) by Jules Verne, is a mystical account, where imagination has no end with the existence of another world in the center of the earth, but in reality it was a source of inspiration for man and humanity, as I research, study the depths of the earth, defining various fields of study of science geology, geodesy, oil engineering, mineralogy, even part of astrology, but it was really that man discovered in the center of the earth, the location of the points in the earth's spheres, the parallels, the polar circles, the meridians, the layers of the earth, its crust, the mantle in the figure as the second layer of the Earth structure, the earth's core, the technical plates, the geological and mineral formations with it the lithological cycle.

Geomorphology is the science that studies the forms of the earth and the processes that influence them and modify them. Fundamental concepts: uniformitarianism, is the fundamental principle of all geological science, expresses that the same process and physical laws, chemical and biological observed at present worked throughout all previous geological history, although not necessarily with the same intensity or in the same context as today. Information consulted in Introduction to Geology Martin Iriondo - 2007..

[2]— From Earth to the Moon (1865) by Jules Verne, to be a classic of astonishment of imagination, both was a source of inspiration for man to conquer space, after 104 years of the publication of this novel the reality was as follows: Apollo 11 was a manned space mission of the United States, whose goal was to get a human being to walk on the surface of the Moon, where the mission was sent into space on July 16, 1969. Other space probes were also sent in other missions to document and study another planet in the solar system and cosmo, with it great technological advances and in the field of astrology, physics.

Astrology is the study of the cosmic, universal and indestructible relationships of all events, especially human events on Earth – taking these human events, this human "existence", together with the history of their evolutions, not only in the general sense, but also in the sense of the particular existence of the individual and his history. Information consulted in Astrology as Hidden Science / Astrology an Astrology and occult science Oscar Adler - 2011.

[3]- Twenty thousand leagues of underwater travel by Jules Verne, is this novel immerses us in the imagination of conquering the depths and its unknown creatures, by nature the human being is curious not left behind to be inspired by the strangers on the seabed, to the point of designing ship with the underwater capable of diving to a certain level of depth to investigate what is in the, today we have that the submarine Dubbed Shinkai 12000, is a design which will be able to dive below 10,911 meters, will dive into the pit of the Marianas of the Pacific, this being a place known as a point of great depth in the ocean, every day will be more advance in this field. Inventions like this helped define and inform marine biology, the classification of many species of the sea.

This last discipline must be considered a sector of marine biology, and more specifically the one that refers to the study of the relationships between organisms and the physical conditions of the oceans, for the biological characterization of specific phenomena such as, for example, the determination of the movement of water bodies or their temperature , or the importance of organisms in ocean biological cycles. Information consulted in Marine Biology by Giuseppe Cognetti, ‎Michele Sarà, ‎G. Magazzù, 2001.

Innovating only requires imagination and creativity from one model to create another bass in the same conceptual schemes, but more efficient.

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