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This delivery I am interested in very much this content due to his level of information inside the field of the psychology and psychiatry at level of the science, the most singular of the case on this syndrome, the fact is that it is a psychological state in which the victim of sequestration, or person stopped against his own will, develops a relation of complicity with his kidnapper, since there is demonstrated case that the victims affected, due to a psychological finished show supporting his kidnapper who develops a strong affective tie, an act of humanity dreams something not very unusual on the part of the aggressor, but it has spent in the life. A unification of criteria does not exist at present with regard to his diagnosis and characteristics and even to his denomination of syndrome, which is wanted is to contribute information about the contained East, the historical fact on this case is the following one on August 23, 1973, in the Swedish city of Stockholm, an armed robbery took place with hostages, Jan Erik Olsson, a convict of permission entered the bank Kreditbanken de Norrmalmstorg, the center of the city, where this type demonstrated psychological effect on the persons who had submitted. A few of the severest causes it is the full loss of the control that the hostage or the victim suffers during a sequestration, it is difficult to digest, creating an ambience where it becomes bearable at the moment when the victim, it is identified by the motives of the author of the crime, thanks to the contribution of the psychologist Nils Bejerot, the Syndrome of Stockholm is more common in persons who have been victims of some type of abuse, as: hostages, members of sect, psychological abuse in children, prisoners of war, noticed the following thing it characterizes her of psychological profile in the one that could give herself the case of this syndrome, but also it is necessary to know the following, current thing they bring a low percentage of persons who develop it; nevertheless, this one contribution is based principally on cases of sequestration, whereas the evidence of statistics in another type of situations is void, since both the hostages and the captores can suffer it.

The psychologists Say, that in case of sequestration it is frequent, that the response of the kidnapped one adapts itself to the rule of the so-called “ syndrome of Stockholm ”, submitted to an unbearable pressure, to support the psychic balance, it ends up by arming the hand that threat to strike him, offers his love to the kidnapper, for acceptance for the oppressed classes of the social order. Information consulted in A cross-current for Jesús Ibáñez, 1997.

Another very curious fact is that the kidnapped ones have negative feelings towards the police and the authorities, also it can spend that the kidnapped ones have positive feelings towards the captor, since he can develop positive feelings towards the kidnapped ones, at present diagnostic valid criteria still have not been described with regard to the signs and clinical specific symptoms of the syndrome of Stockholm and even his denomination of syndrome has questioned, but this one happens, for other sides reading friend expert in trauma have included to the syndrome of Stockholm as part of the so called stress postraumático complex, since this one is because principally this one includes the idealization of the perpetrator. The syndrome has not been characterized as diagnostic entity in the last edition of 1995 of the diagnostic and statistical Manual of the mental disorders (DSM the IVth), but yes he recognizes it after him as psychopathological phenomenon of traumatic platform, they know for important what to know on this clinical picture, for also it is possible to give in other situations that avece do not know, fell as it is possible to develop in the domestic ambience when there is conjugal violence, for this case he is known as syndrome of domestic Stockholm or syndrome of the woman, as also for the battered man since the persons that they endure it are victims of the violence in his hearth and support affective ties with his partners, in spite of everything.

Actions of the professional of the mental health: it is clear that as professionals of the psychiatry and of the mental health, we have to think and realize big quantity of actions in order to manage, some responses to the needs, that they are caused during the phase of the conflict or posconflicto. Information consulted in Clinical Psychiatry by Carlos Gómez Restrepo, Guillermo Hernandez Bayona, Alejandro Rojas Urrego, Hernan Santacruz Oleas, Miguel Uribe Restrepo.

There have been realized diverse efforts to explain, to characterize and to describe the syndrome of Stockholm, most of studies coincides that the term describes the positive tie that a captive victim develops towards his captor, the most singular of the case the fact is that there is another theory as: the universal theory of interpersonal chronic abuse, where this one proposes a syndrome of widespread Stockholm, which is based on two psychological concepts: the theory of the syndrome of Graham's Stockholm and the generalization of the stimulus, for the first case it consists principally of the tie that the victim develops with the aggressor, since this one creates the hope of which this way the abuse will stop, as the following contribution:

The device that the domineering classes adopt to make to enter “ reason “ of the oppressed classes is the sequestration, by means of the sequestration (route “ syndrome of Stockholm ”), it gains itself his love.. Information consulted in A cross-current for Jesús Ibáñez, 1997.

The questions related to the development and maintenance of the syndrome, his particular characteristics and his impact have been debated and questioned at present, it is a question of looking at level of the science, the logical sense for sustentable on this psychological picture, who endure affected shallows these circumstances that provoke it, the majorities of the victim it projects the fault towards others, towards the exterior, the syndrome of domestic Stockholm is consolidated across a process of identification with the aggressor, I hope that this content should serve as information and papers see you later in a following delivery.


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