Make your computer Great again! First Edition - Easy tutorial

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Alo Hivers! Here @cre47iv3 with the first delivery of this saga. Many people have already accustomed themselves to the fact that the computer does not work as it should. One takes naturally every little error. Until, without knowing it, you are living with viruses, annoying advertisements and thousands of useless programs that start with your windows.

Nobody deserves that suffering. Post to post I will cover the bases so that yourself can maintain a system agile, updated and safe.

Let's start from the beginning!


Yes! On other times this option was deactivated, but many things changed in the computer industry. Today it is completely necessary to keep "Windows Updates" up to date. Especially this year where Microsoft made critical corrections.

The steps to update windows are extremely simple, but it is a process that can take from 30 minutes to 1:30hs depending on your internet speed and your computer. It is likely that you will be required to reboot the system between one and three times depending on how outdated it is.

Comp 1.gif

After each reboot, check for updates manually. Now we can really dedicate ourselves to other maintenance tasks. If you have problems updating, you can contact me by discord Cre47iv3#2483

But even if you have problems updating, you can still continue with the next tasks.


Surely you have heard the word Drivers. Drivers are the foundation of a healthy system. A driver is the way your windows recognizes individual pieces of the computer.

Windows has to know what size your screen is. So it can draw what you see. That information is provided by the driver.

As time goes by, manufacturers improve them and repair failures. Computer parts work faster after a driver update.

Enough theory! Let's move forward into practice.

I use and recommend DriverIdentifier 100% free, safe and very easy to use. You can download it from here. The "portable" version does not require prior installation. Just download and click to start.


The main window will pop up, press the green button, a scan will start and your default browser will open. There we will be able to see the next screen (but with the data from your computer)


Everything that says "update" needs to be updated. From experience I know very well that you have more than 7 to 15 outdated drivers.



Have some patience, time is a expensive thing.
But, if your pc goes faster you can work better, and way faster.


I never said it would be easy, but it is simple. It is a mechanical task, almost all drivers are installed in a similar way.

The best way is that we open each device that we are updating in a new tab. If you closed it there is no problem!You run the scan again and it will open again in the same way.

But if there are many devices to update the ideal is to use several tabs. As I show you here.

new tab.png

I have my windows In Spanish, but in english, right click over the "update" text, then "open in new tab"

Once you have selected an item from the list, it's time to download that file.The program has by default, different versions (the newest ones above) and several download servers.

It doesn't matter if your notebook is branded "HP" and the driver is "Asus". Everything on that list is compatible with your computer. It is key to remember that we are updating to the newest version, look at the version column of each one and choose the newest one, if there are several links that correspond to the same version, you can choose the lightest one.


Once selected, simply download! If the link is down, try another one, if it doesn't work, try another one! As I show you here.

Once you have selected an item from the list, it's time to download that file.The program has by default, it has different versions (the newest ones above) and several download servers.


Once selected, simply download!If the link is down try the next one, if it doesn't work try the next one! Remember that you have multiple options to install the same device.
I can only guide you here, then the installation of each driver is basically Next/Next/Next.


That´s all! With those little steps you can revive your old pc and give it some extra life! You can save not only time but also it will make you work happier.

If you have any doubt, need or if something happens don't hesitate to contact me by discord Cre47iv3#2483 If anything goes wrong i can assist you by remote. If you dont want to do it, i can remotely access to your computer and do this and many other things for 10 Usd to 30usd deppending on what task or programs want to add/install to your system.



Great computer tutorial, we need to see more of this useful stuff. I already shared this on my Twitter, followed you.

Thank you very much! Im working now on some usefull programs to #MakeYourComputerGreatAgain : RAM cleaners, upgrades to the windows file explorer, Image previewing, tuneup system start, uninstallers and much much more!

As a big fan of software i have plenty things to share with!

My work is to ♥ computers

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