Save Fuel For Our Better Future! - Pt.2

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First of all I would suggest to all of you if you haven't read Part One then you can read it in my profile.

In a previous post I discussed with you how fuel is very important to us and how we can save it for our future.

I would like to point out that where we use the most fuel, we think we use the most fuel in three cases.

First of all, I would say that we use the most fuel in vehicles, then we use the most fuel in cooking.

We cook on gas stoves but there are a lot of places where we are consuming a lot of fuel.

where there is no natural gas but we have to use gas with cylinders now but we have to be careful about this and now we have to find another way.

The two largest sources of fuel we use are airplanes and ships.

You all know that oil is extracted regularly and there is no time but oil extraction does not stop.

even when we saw the time when oil was extracted for 24 hours and there was no alloy of use but the price of oil dropped a lot and there was no turning back.

We don't have to worry about this, but we have to invent something so that we can rely on something else,

because one day all kinds of natural fuels in the world are related. When that is over,

we will have no choice but to hope and hope that in the future people will be able to discover.

something so that we will not rely solely on natural energy. Let me know in the comments.

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