Mathematicians changed the world with phenomenal hypotheses! - Pt.1

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Today I will talk to you about how Mathematics Mathematics is changing our lives.

I will tell you today that we live in such a big building today or we go to the office by car or everything we use but Mathematics contributes.

Mathematics means math math I hope you all know math but as a child we may all feel a little bad when reading or taking exams.

but what is real is that you all have to accept that mathematics has revolutionized our lives.

if mathematics is invented If it weren't for that, but we would never have reached.

such a high point because all kinds of computers, supercomputers, calculators and all kinds of instruments and cars,

but there is a work of mathematics, so I hope you all understand that mathematics has a long history.

How did mathematics change so radically and how did we become such an advanced civilization because of this mathematics?

This mathematics has a long history but I will discuss it with you in detail. I hope you will be fine and healthy until then.

To be continued...


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