Impact of Global Warming on Ocean! - Pt.2

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I would suggest to all of you to read my previous post and then if you read this post,

you will understand what I mean by global warming. Use should be reduced or stopped or else there will be many dangers.

Now I will tell you in detail how polythene and plastic actually harm the sea. Whenever we use a plastic or later it is but that.

It takes about two million years to mix with the soil but this time it is still in the sea.

Now if we have to get rid of it then we can use only the opposite of polythene or we have to invent something alternative,

or else that day is far away. Not the day when all the animals in our sea will be threatened but the animals are dying only because of eating polythene waste.

According to a recent study, if we take steps like Singapore to build an island,

with that lightning without throwing their allies into the sea,

we will be able to save marine life only if we take steps like all other countries in the world.