Green Energy & our daily life - Pt.2

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If we want to move towards renewable energy or use energy that is completely free or easily available,

the easiest way if we want to live our lives is to have solar panels at home but not at all.

I would like to tell you all that the easiest source of energy for all of us is to be able to use solar energy,

but we can prevent the use of a lot of electricity and by doing so the country you live in will be much better.

And in fact, the words that I am saying are not going to be of much importance to a developed country,

but they are going to be very important to any developing country, because if 90% of the population of a country is covered by solar energy,

then there will never be a power shortage in that country.

It will not happen and the cost of electricity in that country will be much less every year and it will make the country more developed.

As I read to you today but we are using many types of renewable energy in our daily life so if we want to be more advanced.

and save some of our money we need to prevent the use of electricity and give importance to our renewable energy and its proper use.

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