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RE: Virus Theory Vs. Exosome Theory: What If The Basis For Modern Medicine Is Wrong...?

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Say a lie a thousand times and you'll turn it into the truth! Do you remember the famous case of the cloning of embryos that the scientific community praised and then turned out to be a lie? No wonder that for many people today science is little more than a branch of propaganda and its results are not much different from the publicity. If you hear Dr. X say something, you think it's true, even if Dr. Y says the opposite. I think that part of what we are living is a consequence of our ignorance and for giving a lot of credibility to what we read, hear or see. One of the quotes I read here that struck me is the knowledge that the fear of getting sick can make you sicker than the viruses themselves. I know thousands of people who are now confined to their homes, paranoid, afraid of being infected by the coronavirus. They have confessed, almost absurdly, their refusal to leave their homes or to have human contact. As I said before: ignorance is a source of fear, now it also makes us victims of fraud. A hug and greetings, @rok-sivante


You got the nail on the head. I never thought I'd live to see the pure sheep mentality we see blindly swallowing the MSM garbage being shoved down our throats as normal. This is not NORMAL.