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RE: Death by screen

in OCD2 years ago

I love your in a way philosophical argument, many people unfortunately don't share the same perspective as you do, or rather they aren't overly conscious of their actions or the effects of their actions to their general well being and the quality of their lives in general. And for those who are somewhat conscious of the effects of their actions they choose numbing away the pain of say loneliness using technology rather than sacrifice and put in the effort in overcoming the pain, escapism and repression are rather more appealing to many.

Results being many of cease living and just exist, creating a new normality, a normality of leading despondent lives full of suffering, anguish and pain, a never ending loop, while life is full of so much more...


Thank you very much for reading! I agree with you. Numbing is easier. People do it all the time. When disaster strikes and relationships fall apart, only then people wonder why. Growing apart and becoming mentally absent while our physical presence lingers... This is what destroys our capacity for connection. Deep inside humans have this desire. Technology is a supplier of artificial connection. Although it's not the same thing, it has fooled millions of people that it is.