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Today is a rare good weather in winter, the sun is shining, the blue sky is thousands of miles, there is no wind, and it is suitable for outdoor activities.

After lunch at the restaurant in front of the house, the fat man and a few of his classmates went to do errands, and went to make up classes. The only two members of the family did their own things. I took advantage of the good weather, and on Sundays, I wandered freely and slowly home.

After passing through the alley where I go to buy groceries every day, I found that it suddenly became spacious, tidy and orderly. The small merchants and hawkers who usually occupy the roads and operate traffic congestion affect the appearance of the city and the liquidity that makes people feel resentful, all disappeared. If you want to buy some fruit and vegetable steamed buns, but you can't find them nearby, you have to travel long distances to the fixed stalls in the alleys. Not to mention the high prices and the inconvenience. At this time, I thought of the kindness of these small merchants and vendors. During this period of time, Yuncheng has established a national civilized city, and has worked hard from top to bottom, and various inspections and rectifications have continued. Everyone is a participant, and everyone is a beneficiary. Co-creating and building together is the duty and responsibility of every citizen living in this small city.

Staggered to the gate of the community. When I looked up, I saw a few old men and women sitting on their own pony ties on the left side of the gate, squinting and relaxing leaning against the wall to bask in the sun; beside a table, four or five middle-aged people were playing cards. Sometimes loud noises, sometimes thumping chests, sometimes flushing, and there are a few small pieces of money in front of each. Although a few spectators did not go to the battle in person, they also watched the battle with interest and occasionally expressed their opinions; one seller The middle-aged woman with fruits is holding a sea bowl and there is no one "snoring" to eat her lunch; two pet dogs dressed up in a colorful manner by their owners are tied to the tree, and the monkeys rushed back and forth because they couldn't get rid of the rope. Running from side to side, seeing someone passing by, barking a few times, faithfully fulfilling the dog's responsibility; to the right of the gate, a green postal car is carrying objects gathered from all directions, and is about to send them to all directions; The little brothers who deliver express and water are busy with their own business, and can't take care of enjoying the occasional warm weather in this cold winter; the vehicles coming in and out of the gate, and the pedestrians coming and going, must "the world is benefiting. Come, all the hustle and bustle of the world will be profitable"...

  The present world is stable and the years are quiet and good. I couldn't escape the vulgarity, and I voluntarily joined this "army" basking in the sun. Wouldn't I live up to such a good weather when I returned home so early!



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