Technology Harms Which The makers Did Not Tell You

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There may not be a day when we do not hear about scientists ’discoveries about the dangers of smartphones on the brains of humans. According to psychoanalysts, the rate of depression increases eight times by 27% due to the frequent use of social media, and children who use their phones more than three hours as a limit The slightest understanding is more likely to commit suicide than the rest of their peers.

According to a statistic conducted in the United States, it turns out that suicide rates are more than crime rates because of smartphones.

However, as everyone knows that every day and for a decade, we have heard about warnings about smartphones, according to the authors of the book Technology in School Education, how the increased use of technology contributes to making our children stupid based on the experience of capable teachers "Joe Klimt", "and" Matt Mills ”and nothing has changed about that.

But on the other hand, the biggest tech giants Bill Gates and Steve Jobs rarely allow their kids to play or use any of the devices they helped create. So what do Silicon Village owners know about their products and not their customers? The answer was addiction to technology based on what the authors wrote.

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We determine the hours our children use technology

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates stated that he had reduced hours of technology use when he noticed that his daughter showed some signs of video game addiction. It is also worth noting that his children are not allowed to own cell phones until they are fourteen, while the average age of a child's first phone is ten years.

As for Steve Jobs, CEO of "Apple" until 2012, he told the New York Times that he prevents his children from using the "iPad" and he said: "We determine the hours when our children use technology at home."

In an interview with an iPod maker, Tony Fadel, he said:

“If Steve Jobs was still alive, he would have held a conference on societal concerns about addiction to technology and would have said we must do something about it.”

According to Bill Gates, he allows his children to own their first phone when they turn 14, to reduce the damage of smart devices. According to the authors of the book, "Technology in School Education" "Joe Klimt," and "Matt Mills" that parents in the Silicon Village strive to keep their children away from technology addiction, whether smartphones, computers, and smart devices more than other parents do, regardless of whether parents Silicon Village works in this field and makes a living.

As for technology education, it is interesting to know that Bill Gates' children are the only schoolchildren who do not use iPads for classes.

As for Steve Jobs, how would he respond to education using technology if their children were studying in a school that follows this method now? Certainly, they would have used more technology at school than they did while growing up in their home.

The real paradox is that Silicon Village schools do not rely on e-learning. In “waldorf school” they depend on the traditional method of “blackboard and pens” education. Children are raised on moral and social skills instead of teaching them programming.

At "brightworks school", children are taught ways to understand creativity by building things and attending classes in homes on trees.

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Education using technology is not always the right solution

Perhaps the most important thing that "Bill Gates" presented in the field of technology is a tool that helps students to learn better, despite his position to limit the use of technology in his home sparked his interest in personal education, a tool that uses electronic devices to prepare special lessons suitable for each student separately ..

And recently the latter opened a school that relies on making personal education, where students learn based on personal goals, one of them, such as joining a college, and how this can be achieved. In this way, the performance of students not only improved, but also teachers, as they developed training skills and their connection with students increased and it became more possible to guide students to the right .. It is also useful for technology to be used in education and student development and not only in entertainment.

As Bill Gates writes, "Although personal education is not a solution to all problems, it may contribute to helping many young people develop their talents."

Finally, we should not deny the virtue of technology in facilitating and simplifying our lives, but it is worth remembering that we made it to serve us not to be its slaves.

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