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RE: Psychology Chronicles Series #27: The Dark Side of Toxic Positivity

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This article about toxic positivity is very useful. Thank you for uploading it. It's true, sometimes people try to be wise about an event that has just happened to their friend. "It's okay, everything will be fine." Instead of embracing, from a critical angle, we can guess how we have buried the problem into an emotional residue that could explode like a ticking time bomb at any moment. On the one hand, we're actually being the easiest alternative with those ways, I mean, like advising someone who is having trouble with soothing sentences. This means that we actually don't want to be too bothered by other people's problems. Instead of embracing it emotionally, we run away in such cowardly ways.


True. I have always planned to write an article about tragic optimism, thats why I wrote this. Sometimes we need to acknowledge the fact that toxic positivity is real and people should stop romanticizing it because its no longer healthy.

It's nice, the ecosystem now has an active psychologist. We need more critical articles, related to habits that have been considered common, even positive on the one hand, but destructive on the other. Open the veil for us.

Yes I will and thanks for dropping by. :)

U're welcome.