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RE: Posting frequency and the blurry line

in OCD2 years ago

It helped a lot and it stopped a lot. I lean toward it being for the greater good in general but it did stop some good things too


I can't think of much I miss - I did enjoy earning from comments, but I always thought they were never worth or more cents, so I'm glad that's gone, I think @abh12345's


initiative is much more the way to go with that.

Besides that it's quieter, whether that's because of the HF or the general decline in the crypto price, I just don't know!

One downside of the HF is that it does inspire a certain mercenary attitude towards curation, but if people really are self-interested, I think that's a more effective way to make a social network work compared to the haejin approach.

Anyway, gonna start rambling!

Hehehe, rambling is always good.

I think because of the money that is present here that it will always inspire a certain mercenary approach by some. The worse bit is when the price rises, it gets crazy then!!

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