How internet data affects effective online activities in Ghana.

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When it comes to keeping busy available on the hive blockchain, internet data utilization is quite important. Residing in an area where you can't connect to the internet, life gets a little more challenging. Elsewhere around the world, internet data is made free or cheaper and widely available to everyone who needs it. However, in Ghana and across Africa, internet data is regarded as one of the most costly commodities available. And for this reason, many young people see this as a hindrance to effective online activity such as hive blogging.

On any smart device, a typical internet data user may be able to utilize around 1gig of internet data every day. Some of us use roughly 3-4 gig of data each day for our blockchain-related activities. This assumes that whomever trying to remain active on the internet has at least some money to cover all of the internet costs that will be incurred. I want to see the day when internet data is free on social networks like hive blog.

Certain telecoms in Ghana have made some social sites free to use. The last time I looked, MTN network customers could view Facebook even with no internet connectivity. This, in my opinion, makes it simpler for Facebook users to remain engaged. Students at school will be able to accomplish more and stay longer on Facebook than on other social networks.


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However, 1 gig of internet bandwidth should cost about 10-12GHC ($1.5) in Ghana. In consequence, a young Ghanaian who uses internet data often like myself is anticipated to spend roughly 20-30gig every week, with $50 covering this for a week or two. The majority of young people in Africa are unemployed. When some people are struggling to feed themselves, getting internet data to spend on platforms will be incredibly tough.

In effect, internet data has become a major impediment for individuals in Africa. According to the image above, only a few working-class individuals will be able to remain active on social networks that require the usage of internet bandwidth. It is hardly unexpected that many hivers in Ghana who are unemployed are not as active as predicted. For this reason, many hivers and newbies which we intend to enroll on the hive ecosystem in Ghana and Africa want assistance with financing internet data use.




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However it is assumed that the extremely few daily upvotes received on articles each day are spent on internet data. Personally, I spend more than 50 gig of internet bandwidth simply to keep me active on the hive ecosystem and other blockchain-related activities. This does not include significant downloads or streaming on other platforms. To guarantee efficient blogging, Ghanaians must have access to internet data, which is a need for keeping active online every day. I hope that in the future days Ghanaians and Africans will have access to inexpensive internet connectivity to enable them remain engaged and accomplish more on the hive blockchain. This l believe will make the blockchain more attractive and easy for young people who are unemployed to do more on the hive ecosystem.


Apparently this Facebook's affordable "Internet" became reality despite all the backlash in the media. I wonder if Starlink will be able to provide service that can compete with local telecom companies, hopefully they or some other provider can make end of this unfair competition.

Starlink in my opinion can do even much better. The hive blockchain will be great if internet is made accessible for many people who cannot afford to purchase internet data in Ghana. It is very expensive staying active online here in Ghana.

Internet is indeed quite expensive in there. I wonder where the high cost come from, if it is the local network infrastructure or the connection out of the country. Are all websites hosted within Ghana free to use? Could Hive be free/cheaper to use if there was a Hive blockchain API node hosted in Ghana and Hive users used that node? Downloading the blockchain from the Internet and sending new transactions from the users in Ghana to the blockchain would still cost for the node operator but this could be collectively cheaper than if each user connects to a foreign node, and also a free service could better compete with other social media apps and increase activity in Hive blockchain.

That is precisely my point. Creating a free internet service that allows users to browse the hive for free. If a blockchain API node is established and hosted in Ghana, it will undoubtedly be made comparatively cheaper for hive users, allowing members to remain active at all times. Most of us in Ghana spend a lot of money on monthly internet data subscriptions. As a result, newbies whose earnings on the blockchain are not significant see the internet as a barrier to remaining active on hive since they don't have funds to purchase one for their online activities. I hope Starlink establishes itself in Ghana so that I can create an internet hub specifically for hivers in Ghana. Thank you for your concern @x9ed1732b

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