Are we addicted to technology?

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Ghanaians appear to be overly reliant on technology these days. I have no idea how things are in your society. When there is a blackout or when people visit to a village without power, it is one of the ideal times to understand what I am sharing today. It looks to be one of the most difficult times in one's life. Therefore in this circumstance, many individuals are unsure what to do till the power comes back.

The lack of power may also cause many objects in the house to spoil, particularly food in the refrigerator. Those who rely on an electric stove are unable to cook or use a microwave. If the scenario persists, many people's phones will die due to low battery.

I'm not just expressing this because I've formed my life around pursuing IT at university and rely entirely on technology and electricity. Every aspect of our lives in the world today is entirely dependent on technology. Consider health, education, economics, social, and other areas. Regardless of how you look at it, banking is entirely technological. Without technology and electricity, no resources of any type reach us.


The Ghanaian student or youth who is not working, studying, or using social media is most likely watching some kind of entertainment (TV, YouTube, Facebook, IG etc.). Restaurants and shops all across the planet depend on technology for payments when individuals purchase or sell products on the roadsides. Even today's automobiles depend entirely on electronics.

Cashiers at Ghanaian supermarkets and other public places now need a calculator to determine how much change to offer. People seem to have difficulty dealing with numbers in a local situation when there are no calculators to perform large sums. Technology has steered the world toward a cashless economy.

Technology reliance, on the other hand, extends to research, health, journalism, business forecasting, and pretty much everywhere decision making is necessary, including governance. According to all statistics, our reliance on technology has undoubtedly produced a generation eager to offer their humanity for pleasure.



Certainly, the world is becoming too dependent on technology, and we are already there. I don't see anything wrong with it, although other people are concerned about the usage of technology. Whatever we utilize technology for, we must be certain that it improves lives and makes us better. People spend their entire day on the internet in the name of social activities that benefit neither them nor others. Let us properly use technology to our advantage.



Technology is a tool that we must learn to use properly. This tech addiction is becoming a real world problem. Consider the fact that screen time at night tends to make it hard for people to fall asleep. The brain thinks it's still 'day' and doesn't release the hormone that induces sleep.

You highlighted one issue that impacts the majority of people's sleep patterns. It is a serious issue that individuals cannot keep their smart gadgets away from them even at night. Learning how to use technology will benefit us more than it will damage us. Thank you for your contribution @youngkedar98.

I'm a student as well, and here in the states while power outages are unusual and rare, I do take time to leave the digital world and enter the analog. Each wee I set aside time to engage with the natural world around me and the wonderful people that I share my life with. Technology is a tool that we can use to enrich our lives without allowing it to take over our existance. Everything in moderation is truly the way to go. :)


You couldn't have expressed it better yourself. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I hope it may benefit others in the use of technology.

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I am always grateful sir.

Another way to think about this is in terms of technology as culture and not in terms of technology as something foreign to us. I think talking about addiction goes beyond dependency and could relate to health and psychology. For example, there are cases of people who definitely experience anxiety when they don't have access to their phone.

By the way, are all the images yours (including the one of the credit card)? Because if not, the right thing to do is to give proper credit or clarify if they are in the public domain.

Thanks for your addition to this. You are so right about that. Oh that skipped my notice, with the exception of the credit card image, the rest are all mine. Thanks for the notification.