Are Ghanaian youths utilising technology?

in OCD3 months ago (edited)


Without the most recent technology, daily living would be unimaginable. Smartphones, tablets, and PCs have become as normal and important tools as a wallet or home keys. Everyone is affected by his intimate interaction with technology: adults, teenagers, and even children. Every day, new technologies are being developed and introduced that make life simpler and better. As a result, many young people are eager to get their hands on latest techniques that have appeared in recent years. Despite the fact that everyone is aware of the influence of technology on our generation. Our age has had both positive and negative effects on technology, and it is now difficult to exist without technology.

It determines the significant acknowledgment in young today's life, as we can state by providing an example that the use of technology from a very early age helps in schools, since it encourages kids to study and allows each student to learn at their own speed. Furthermore, it enables learning to become more engaged than ever before.


The benefits are many, since it allows students to search anything up on the Internet and receive an answer in a matter of seconds. They actually witness as their parents use the internet to aid them with project work or to make home remedies, and they do the same. This will only lead to future generations being more reclusive and fascinated with technology in the coming years.

Our education has numerous effects on future generations, such as the capacity to work with Robotic systems. This kind of technology is beneficial and cute for students since the generation is getting more strong in technological abilities. New technologies are also taking over the brains of youth, making them the future of internet computers.