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I'm assuming the human witnesses are privately negotiating a single, clear vision for a sister chain. Splinterlands, 3Speak etc will publicly commit to moving, and the real, genuine community will have a new home, with a new name, credibility in the broader crypto community and a big 'ol gap where Ned's pocket-money used to be.


I suspect so, and I think that Steem will survive too, but be greatly changed. I wonder how many of the new Steem witnesses will be able to code well enough.

30% less supply might be a great start considering it would mean that we can begin from much nearer a good distribution and that will reward all those who have been here consistently and powering up.

SMT code is ready to ship; for everything else there's the SPS.

There is the opportunity now to get SMTs out into the wild in a condition that gives them a pretty good chance of taking root. The SPS on another chain is a bit of an issue, as it still requires the whatever to have value.

One question, would another chain keep an SBD equivalent?

I think we're close to a functional dollar-peg in SBD. I'd like to keep it as an on-chain hedge option.
My main concern is that we make the new tent as large as possible.
There's only one threat to decentralisation; what Ned sold to Justin.
We start Star Chambering other accounts to discern 'purity' and this whole thing is going to devolve into an epic dumpster-fire on 8 sister chains.

BTW, SBD is great and would have been highly valuable if it holds its peg. Holding its peg is the issue, and it could very well be that the pump of 2017 was instigated from the same set of people...

While I don't like the purity test, I would suspect that the first actions of some would be to dump or continue the systematic pool extraction - which will cause its own problems. I would suspect that downvotes are going to appear heavily though.


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