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RE: Can we have it all?

in OCD4 years ago (edited)

I'm actually pretty happy with the announcement. Completely agree there's no mandate for a change in the SMT fork.
Now they've opened discussions on variable staking periods, I'd like to see everything dynamic.
My vests x days staked / everyone's vests x days staked = my vote weight, RC allocation, witness voting strength and share of the inflation rate.
Or perhaps if that's too much.
My vests x square root of days staked / everyone's vests x square root of days staked.
Cap it at each end, and let us choose any staking period from a week to a decade.


There are so many variables that can be brought into play and I am hoping that they can be thought of as different pathways to steem, each bringing different values. I like the "choose-your-own-adventure" feel :)

Happily Vandeberg seems to be on the same page.

Rather than time locking each satoshi STEEM, we allow an account to set a maturation date on their Steem Power. When the account powers up, bonus VESTS would be allocated as a function of how much STEEM is being powered up and how much time the account has left before the maturation date. The maturation could be increased at will for most (more?) bonus VESTS, but never decreased.


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