Join me on the Hive Mates journey this Christmas

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Firstly, thanks to @livinguktaiwan for saying that Hive Mates was one of her favourite tools, and sharing the app with everyone here! I am having so much fun making Hive Mates that I am spending a lot of time at home this Christmas to work on it! As an Australian citizen it is virtually impossible to travel overseas right now due to covid, so I might as well stay at home and work on the app.

As some of you would probably know, Hive Mates was was getting 14,000 hits per month just over two years ago. I would like to bring it back to its former glory, which involves a few things.

  • Understanding the code, again. I had spent a lot of time building the app, so the source code got pretty complicated. Not having seen it for over two years means that I have forgotten how half of it worked. I even had to google some of my own code to find out what it means, even though I wrote it myself. The brain is a complicated thing.

  • Fixing it up. It would be embarassing to just change the database server details to HiveSQL and release the whole thing, as the majority of it will not work and the code was designed for the old Steem blockchain. I am checking every function one by one to make sure it is working, and if not I have to fix it.

  • Improving it. The app was not perfect in the first place. As I am going through the code I am ironing out bugs and improving the efficiency of the queries. The main query to get the ranking of voter dollar amounts used to take 5.4 seconds. After I made some changes it now only takes 2.5 seconds. This has reduced the loading time by more than 50%. I am also making it easier to use on mobile. You can try to go to this website on mobile it should be completely responsive (no need to zoom in/out).

  • Explaining it. The app will get very complicated very quickly as the features get piled on. If you keep up to date with my articles and the evolution of the app you will stay in touch with what's going on a lot easier.

So here are the latest changes to the app. Come along the journey with me.

a) From the main screen (URL:, type in your Hive username, then click on "All Voters"


b) From this screen, you will see the list of voters who have contributed the most to your earnings. There are 7 things you can do here, circled in green. Number 1 to 6 was explained in my previous article. Number 7 is new. Please click on number 7 under the heading "Vote count".


c) You will now see an article by article break down of this person's contribution towards your earnings. You will see how much this person (in my case, appreciator) has voted for each of my articles in a specific date range, and the ranking of their vote amount within each article. I have again circled all the possible actions you can take from this screen.

1 & 2: change the voter and author names, if you would like to see the list of articles that someone else has voted for you, and the dollar amount they have voted on each article.
3: decide whether you want to include comments.
4 & 5: change the date range of the articles
6: Click refresh if you have changed anything from number 1 to 5 to update the screen.
7 & 8: Click to see the users' hive posts.
9: Reverse lookup to see how much the author has contributed towards the voter's articles.
10: Go to the article URL on
11: Show the full list of voters in that article (screenshot of what that looks like below)



d) From the main page, it is also possible now to go to this page to see a single voter's contributions on a article by article basis, by clicking on the "Single Voter" button. From there, you will need to type in the voter's name and click Refresh, then you will get the same information as above.



Here are some screenshots of what the app looks like on your mobile phone. Try it out and see if you like it!







I hope you enjoy this update. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the app. Merry Christmas!!


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magic app, and thank you to all for supporting!😊

thank you very much :)

It's good to be back with a lot of efficiency.. I hope this serves us even better than we can imagine