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RE: Paper gifts and making 7500 HIVE in an hour for FREE

in OCD3 months ago

I am always paranoid when it comes to keys since I was first introduced to how serious it is. Not only to manage to have them written in a way they are understandable, but also to have backups, and the backups to have backups.

I am glad he found help from you not some scammer :)


I wouldn't have trusted a scammer (I say this, having been scammed before, and repeatedly). I've known Tarazkp, one and off, for around 3 years and know that he has a heart of gold.

That is true :)

I remember you stressing about your keys a couple times - just having left the USB in :D

The problem with trust here is, it rarely works out unfortunately.

I trust only few people even though they have told me not to too many times :) Think, you are one of them