EUC VLOG w/ GoPro 360º MAX while discussing the amazing Venezuelan Hive community!

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1:00a.m. here in the Twin Cities, and I just finished reviewing and cutting up footage from my new GoPro 360º MAX camera. This is my first GoPro. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been trying to find the right solution for independent VLOG production, without an assistant. I’ve been using the DJI Mavic Air 2 but running in to problems. This was a solution that came to me unexpectedly from the EUC [electric unicycle] community. I recently bought a GotWay MTen3 EUC and have been learning how to ride it. That lead to me the message boards and forums.

Quite a few users have videos of them riding with footage that appears to be shot by a tracking drone. After some research, I discovered that it’s all shot with an extended selfie stick and a mounted 360º camera that stitches out the monopod. I had a THETA S, but it’s outdated. I upgraded to this GoPro and the initial results are good. I ordered an even longer 109” extendable monopod, based on a video I saw tonight, so when that comes, it should really look like drone footage from the front with more of the world/environment and less distortion.

I talk about this on going search to find the perfect format for my Hive VLOG’s. Quarantine is coming to an end and pandemic or not, there’s no way they’ll be able to make people shelter in place again. With that, I’m setting up to make the most of my summer as I transition in to a video-centric state of mind. In this video, I talk a little about Hive and about a trend I’ve noticed within the Venezuelan Hive community, specifically on Twitter. I want to find a way to dial in on the content creators and help the artists from Venezuela get more visibility and recognition.

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Dude! That is crazy with the realtime removal of the selfie stick. At first I thought it was your drone, but I was like, holy shit that drone is following and tracking him that accurately??!! Then you got to the part where you explained it, and this is kinda blowing my mind.

You've got all the coolest toys haha.

**When I saw this video I first thought that there was a village in Venezuela using Hive to run everything, like stores and such. **

I have already heard of communities using their own currency. The currency is tanked, as you well know.

I am in Colombia now, on the coast close to Venezuela. Very real problems here, but there are also silver linings for the future.

I really think that a physical community will be happening there using crypto instead of the currency.


The audio is so good! What software are you using to clear up the audio??

super cool uni!! Looks from the future, with follow drone and electric uni ha ha.

Check out my previous VLOG, @currentxchange. I actually did have my drone following me through my neighborhood. It just makes me nervous, mostly because of people. The drone is more likely to get the cops called on me from indoor Karen's, I think.

Yeah, I think that's where my soft spot for Venezuela comes from. We are fortunate to have a big Venezuelan community here on Hive, and it's brought the economy collapse much closer to my heart as I've become friends with many of the artists here. I admire their commitment to pursuing art and creativity and I'm SO glad Hive exists to give them a platform to earn for it.

The audio is separate track audio with a LAV mic hooked up to my jacket, then synced in post. I wish it was that good, lol. Not bad, but not to my standards.

So cool! This is less obvious for people in comparison with the drone. Technology is awesome😊

Promoting art is great and yes, onchainart is a great community😍

I consider that many Venezuelans like me admire people like you, you are really incredible, you always support Venezuelan talent if there were people like you in the world, I assure you it would be different ...! little kisses

That is pretty awesome that you found a new setup. Like you said, it totally looks like it was done with a drone. Nice stuff! I'd end up in the hospital if I tried to ride a unicyle!

This is really cool man. How fast does it go?