First attempts at drone photography and more VLOG experimentation

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Hey, @hiveblocks and @threespeak! I just got back from an evening of social distancing with @nickcdavis. Poor guy has been on mega lockdown for three months. He actually said I was one of two friends he’s seen in the last three months. I’ve been tempting him out of the house with the new drone. @nickcdavis is one of these crazy obsessed bicyclists. There are so many subcultures there, but he goes through trials and nature. During the winter, switched on those big monster truck tires and bikes in -18º weather.

I know, I know. I’ve been talking about this drone a lot, and for your sake, you should expect more. There are times that the fact I can draw on an iPad Pro just hits me, seeing the artwork come to life as if it was on paper, and I just think, “This is fucking incredible!”. Like, having that amount of awe in something years after you’ve owned it is a rare occurrence. I’ve only had this drone for a week but I can tell this is going to be one of those technologies. It’s not going to replace my photography, but it’ll enhance so much of what I’m already doing.

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@nickcdavis and I met up in the park and I gave him a quick run down of what this thing can do. Still, flying it at 400 feet feels like I’m doing something SO illegal, but I’m not. We went for a nature walk through the woods, stress testing the obstacle avoidance system, and it did amazing. Watch this video. The drone’s point of view, and @nickcdavis’s shot walking behind the drone. We got yelled at by a Karen, but I wasn’t done. On my way home, I stopped in St. Anthony and took this photo of download Minneapolis.

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Drone is the most important when you want to vlog professionally. it is useful to take every type of shots.Anyway nice vlog and post.

Wow, I really liked it, it's quite cool.

Is it a Maverick DJI? I'm surprised that the leaves didn't start waving around due to the blades. #skillss

Good effort

Damn - that looks like fun!

It looks very nice! Loved the picture and the drone.

Wow. That's a nice night shot. I haven't flown a drone before

In Michigan they have rules about not being able to fly drones in the State Parks and things like that. I think it is pretty dumb because that is where some of the best nature is and it would be awesome to see it all from a birds eye view. I really need to do the work to get my license at some point so I can take the ones we have at work out for a spin.