Electric unicycle and the triumphant return of the drone VLOG!

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What’s up, @hiveio and @threespeak! I am finally back to blogging. @lovejoy and I committed to writing novels with a minimum of 50K words by the end of June. Somewhere around early June, I realized I was within striking distance of finishing mine, but it would take a massive commitment. I made it the priority, writing 8 or more hours a day. It was going great, but I hit a day of writer’s block, followed by Father’s Day, which I gladly spent with @guthrie in it’s entirety. No regrets, there. I won’t be finishing the book this month but it was a self imposed deadline anyway.

The plan is to now finish it by my birthday next month. One my birthday last years, I was touching down in New Zealand for the first time. I think finishing a novel this year will be a nice personal redemption for what 2020 has been thus far. This’ll be my first @hiveio VLOG in 10 days since I pulled the plug on the push for the book. A lot has happened. Firstly, my DJI Mavic Air 2 is back! Secondly, I bought an EUC [electric unicycle]. I spent the last week learning how to ride and it take one seriously bad fall on pavement at 20mph.

I’ll leave most of the explaining/rambling for the VLOG itself, but this was my first time pairing the drone and EUC, riding throughout my neighborhood. Remarkably, it did great, even cutting through alleyways. Later during the evening, me, @vermillionfox and @guthrie went for a ride on a nearby bike trail. I scared an old couple with the drone. A serious overreaction in my opinion considering this thing was 20 feet high, but as I’ve said since the beginning, it’s the people that make the drone VLOG’s so challenging. Really frustrating when all the technology is great. Enjoy!

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You really are the most creative person I’ve (n)ever met!

Awwwww, thank you @eveuncovered. It's nice to get that kind of encouragement from a beautiful friend. I posted a short video of me writing the unicycle on Instagram and a friend that I had a short thing with years and years ago commented, "I regret ever touching your penis because of this!", HAHA! I couldn't help but to point out that my obsession with cryptocurrency and MTG was fine, but the EUC was apparently the deal breaker, lol.

You're definitely right, the alley is one of the most complicated places and yet so far so good, the drone has managed to do quite well. The unicycle is quite lovely as well I mean. I'm glad you're making drone vlogs again

Thanks, @josediccus! I'm so glad to have it back after the crash. That was really sad.

Is it really so easy to ride an unicycle? You make it look so easy. The footage is surprisingly smooth. I can imagine the looks of people when watching you.

I think it is a huge thing to write so much and put the pressure on you. But I admire the effort and commitment that it takes to achieve it.

If there would be more people doing drone vlogging then it would not look so weird. But just as usual in the history of humanity, those who dare to do unusual things get the looks. 👀
Keep on doing it anyway, the footage is great and it helps a lot to have the freedom of making videos like these.

No, I wouldn't say its easy, @creativemary. It wiped out about 50 times when I first got it. The poor thing is so beat up and scratched already. As far as I know, I'm the only one doing drone VLOG's, at least in Minneapolis.

It looked like smooth sailing to me😂I guess the hard work is mostly happening off camera. I like the drone vlogging, it is so nerdy and cool and interesting in the same time.

This is pretty cool!

Thanks, @geekgirl. It's a very polarizing thing. People either find it "really cool", or "fucking stupid". It seems to be one or the other.

Oh oh, are you ok about your fall? when that kind of technology arrives in my country I think I'll be old and I won't be able to use it ahah. It is incredible to see how you move on the unicycle. Those toys look great! I am eager to see what you will produce with them.

Yeah, I survived, @sthephany. Thanks for looking out for me. My hand is all banged up but it's healing. They're actually not that available in the US, either. There's only one or two retailers that carry them and they import them straight from China.

That's fine! Anyway if there is any discomfort in your hand I can give you some advices, injuries in my life are normal when playing sports! 😅

Very creative, haha! Nice work.

Thanks, @wiseagent. All this cool technology. I just can't help to find ways to use it.

That looks like fun. The drone seems to have kept up nicely and is a lot smoother than I would have expected, too. How is the unicycle for going up hills? Have you tried any with it, yet?

What a cool concept...a DVLOG! I've seen more and more of those E-unicycles around the Twin Cities. Some are more like skateboard-unicycle hybrids. They look like a lot of fun.

I'm so glad you're getting closer on your novel and you didn't let missing the initial deadline discourage you too much. It will get easier after the first one!

I hope you and the family are having a good summer.

Do you guys have many state or local restrictions on drones there? I know in my state you can't fly them in state parks or anything like that. Which I think is pretty dumb because those are the areas where it would be really awesome to get a birds eye view of nature. Your unicycle is pretty sweet!