EUC VLOG #001 Discussing video podcast opportunities within the Hive community!

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Hey, there! What’s up @hiveio and @threespeak. It’s been about five days or since I’ve posted anything and that’s not typical for me. I ordered some food and there was a 45 minute wait for delivery. I’ve been buried in my studio, eager to get out and ride my electric unicycle. I seized the opportunity and I figured if I was going out, I might as well take my GoPro and make a video for the blockchain. What a great evening, just as the sun was going down and such a therapeutic ride around Northeast Minneapolis. I still absolutely love this thing!

So, this particular video, I was just talking. Stream of consciousness, thoughts on Hive and there just happened to be a video camera recording the entire thing. Some more thoughts on Venezuelan Hive community and extrapolations on a late night conversation I had with @lovejoy. A crypto-misfits trustless account of sorts. Also, I’ve been thinking about a video podcast series that connects authors/artists with curators. I have the space and equipment to do all this. Just thinking about upping my video output game.

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Only you can be cool enough to start a vlog with no idea about what to talk about and be spontane and pull that off. It is nice to hear the free thinking speech of someone who rides the unicycle.

Can you get a speed ticket for going too fast on a unicycle? Haha beep beep. I found it very nice to have a supportive group of misfits, I guess it shows the power of friendships.

I agree that OnChainArt is a great community, I always enjoy posting there.

A podcast... That is an awesome idea! I am sure it would add up a lot of value. And it would be so much more personal. Curators, artists, seing how others think, talk. You were spot on with one idea: connecting people. It would put emotion and a story behind the nickname.

The idea sounds very Rogan style and I think it has a huge potential if the right people come along.

I also have found that covid helped a lot of people to reevaluate their lives and what they think happiness is really about.

Interesting post and thinking process, thank you!

HAHA! Thank you, @creativemary. That's something I started doing with @lovejoy and although it's taken me a while to warm up being in front of the camera, it's coming more and more naturally.

No. No speeding tickets have been issued for EUC's as far as I know.

Yeah. I just talked with @midlet and we're setting up the first video podcast.

That's so cool, I look forward to see this podcast! Have a great day! 😊

Did you get your EUC fixed already or was the damage not as bad as you had thought it was in that other post?

I rigged it in a way, @bozz. I dropped a few large screws down the shafts that were empty and covered them with tape. For the time being, it seems to work until the actual parts I ordered arrive.


You truly spent a lot because I remember prior to the pandemic you didn't have a unicycle and the 360 camera. As for the Venezuelan community I think what I know is that they have some fantastic content creator @hlezma for one is one of them.
Does the unicycle has some kind of speed increase?

Thanks for the heads up on @hlezma, @josediccus! That's great. I'm probably returning the GoPro and buying an Insta360 camera instead. The GoPro does this thing that cuts your video in to 4GB segments. I understand why they do that. It's meant to help videographers so that if something fails, they only lose part of the footage and not all of it, but I hate it. I'm shooting 360 almost all of the time and it's almost impossible to rejoin those clips at the exact same time and space.

Hey @kommienezuspadt Just a thought re the go pro chopping up into 4GB pieces... There is some software called MP4Joiner - its free and maybe good for stitching those 4GB files back together again.