Another blockchain commentary drone VLOG!

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@hiveblocks and @threespeak, I’m still testing the drone out for VLOG capabilities, and today I took it to a park near my house in Minneapolis. Brought @guthrie along with me. Based on the observations I made yesterday in the nature trial, I thought this would be perfect. Right away, however, I noticed the drone veering to the left and right. It occurred to me that because of the obstacle avoidance sensors, the trees and branches to my left and right were actually keeping the drone centered. Open space, it sort of went its own way.

It wasn’t a total loss of a day, even though it did take me 45 minutes to get this four minutes of usable footage. @guthrie was impatient, not wanting to be at the park at all, which was frustrating considering that over the years, when I’ve been swamped with photo editing that locked me to my desk or @caffetto, all he ever wanted to do was go to the park. The people are the problem. I keep coming back to the variable for success is that the space I shoot has to be free of people eager to be out of quarantine. They’re like fucking ants right now. Everywhere!

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Sunday, I’m going to shoot a lot. Not sure where, but I might drive to an isolated space or find some railroad tracks. If @lovejoy or @tarotbyfergus are around, I’d love to bring them along. Still really happy with this investment. Just going through the process of learning all about it. If you wanna watch this VLOG, it’s just an update on what I’m learning, and touching on some blockchain happenings like the recent, never-ending Steemit drama, and the Garbage Pail Kid phenomenon on WAX. Thanks for watching. I’ll do another one soon.

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I didn't know you were shooting from Minnesota but trust me, the place you chose for this shot, absolutely splendid. I think the drone capture is nice and it'll be cool to be dropping one video for each day you know. Love the way you addressed so many issues in under 4 minutes

Are you carrying an external mike on you? Or is your voice being recorded by the mike on the drone?

The guys fly their drones at the local airfield here as less obstacles.
Maybe an idea?

That is very cool, The voice was clear even you were far away and drone's shots are amazing, would love to watch new vlogs in future.

You are going to town on these drone videos! I love it! It doesn't surprise me to see how quickly you have picked up and run with it. I know how excited I was to fly mine for the first time. As I said in my other comment I hope to graduate to a bigger model sometime soon.