Unboxing of 12.9" iPad Pro purchased entirely w/ HIVE and EOS!

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This was an act of attrition to create this five minute video. My day started bad, and got worse in to the afternoon. I dropped a ceramic bowl on my thumb, reacted in agonizing pain and accidentally tore the face off my Apple Watch. Setting up the cameras, mics and lighting for this unboxing video was arduous and stressful, but there is something important inside, and that was worth trying to capture and talk about. How bad can your day be when there’s new possibility of art?

This is the new iPad Pro. Just released a few weeks ago. I sold some liquid HIVE around $0.96, and after doing some design and illustration work for @eos.detroit, decided to keep moving forward in investing in myself. I have a previous, third generation iPad Pro which will be passed down to @vermillionfox, and her second generation iPad Pro will be passed down to @guthrie. I didn’t direly need this device, but they downward beneficiaries are something I feel good about.

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The main attraction for me is the improved camera module on this device. Many of the quarantine distance shoots I’ve been posting, especially the process videos, are shot with my current iPad set up as a documentary camera. This upgraded camera set and the possibility of the LIDAR sensor is very cool as well. I’m almost burnt through my savings and the spending is going to stop soon. Once the quarantine shoots are done, there may be one more big purchase on the horizon.

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Fuck yeah, congrats bro. I bought my current phone earlier in January completely with my earning on Steem.

Nice unboxing video @kommienezuspadt

The iPad Pros are amazing devices and so capable.

It looks like you have the beginnings of a great #tech vlogging setup there, so I am excited to see what other #technology and #apple products you are going to be covering.

Looking forward to seeing the hands on review of the #ipad and what you think about it for everyday use.

I am going to cross post this in the #techflow community, so more people can get to see it! It is a new community I set up and we are getting together some great content already after just a few days.

Check it out here Tech Flow

Amazing idea of the posting sir I am first time check your posting you are great working on Steemit platform sir I appreciate you

Do you have a Padcaster? I think we have some of those for the digital media class where I work and they seem to like them quite a bit. I have seen a couple of the big iPad Pros. Those things are huge! Like the size of a small car huge. That sucks about your Apple Watch. Hopefully today goes a bit better for you!

Congrats! I just ordered Alienware Area 51m, paid in bitcoin (from STEEM & HIVE).