Testing the Moondog Labs 1.33X Anamorphic lens!

in OCDlast year

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Game changer, folks! There have been dozens of @hiveio and @threespeak VLOG’s I’ve done explaining that video was going to be a big part of my output in the short term. I’m working remotely with @eos.detroit, and travel isn’t going to be a part of my career for the rest of the year, most likely. Video, VLOG’s, etc. have been investments in my time and this new Moondog Labs anamorphic lens was a part of that. Not cheap, I should warn you. The lens, adapter and three neutral density filters were $250. I did have buyers remorse after ordering them; that is, until they arrived.

This first video is just a collection of test footage walking around Northeast Minneapolis after having lunch with @lovejoy, then riding my EUC around. I absolutely love when buyers remorse is overcome by the momentary thought that, “…how is this so affordable?!”. Until recently, there was no buy in for anamorphic video. The cheap lens are around $8K. I cannot wait to experiment with this lens set up. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro, and that’s most likely a big reason why this footage is so remarkable. Much more to come, but I’m going to find some VLOG time later this week. Thanks for watching!

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@kommienezuspadt, In my opinion Travelling is became No No Subject for many. Good to know that your majority of Focused Investment is towards your Video Content.

In this video those fresh tomatoes are breathtaking to watch, in a way reflecting as plucking the natural gifts.

Have a abundant time ahead and stay blessed always.

Thanks, @chireerocks! @vermillionfox and I took gardening to a whole different level this spring and it's been abundant during our first few harvests. Thanks for the comment.

Welcome and hope that universe will bless you and your family with Unlimited Abundance. Stay blessed.

Love this friend!!! I love these lil slices of your life you share w us!

Let’s make movies now! Had me with the tomato footage :)

That is pretty sweet! I totally understand what you are saying about buyers remorse. I get that quite often. This looks like it was a really useful purchase!

Yeah, that looks ridiculously good for a phone, wow. $150-175 too.. I think they underpriced it.

I completely agree, @pfunk. I was thinking it was overpriced because I expected it to be a half assed pseduo-anamorphic result. Once I tried it, I was immediately thinking it was too cheap. It's so legit!