EUC/Drone VLOG painfully learning how to maneuver backwards!

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Hey, @threespeak and @hiveio! It’s been so hot here in Minnesota this weekend, but I find myself wanting to be outside. It’s all the electric unicycle. I think about it when I’m inside and it eventually compels me to face the heat and ride. Once you’re moving, you can catch a comfortable breeze and stop here and there for water breaks. Today, though, at high noon, I went across the street to try leaning how to take the EUC backwards.

I’ve been watching some of these riders on YouTube gracefully rolling in reverse figure 8’s. I’m not interested in crazy stunts, spinning EUC’s 180º’s and landing on the petals, then riding off backwards. I do kind of feel I need to me able to maneuver front and backwards to be “legit”. Enjoy this summer VLOG watching me repeatedly get clipped in the ankles by steel plates. Cursing the entire time as I fail, but loving every minute while learning.

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Hii @kommienezuspadt ! 😄, it is a pleasure to see how you enjoy your unicycle without risking much your hands hahaha I did this for you although you probably do not know the Avatar Aang 😂, I think that some of your followers might like it. I did it because some times when I see you on the unicycle I remember Avatar Aang on his air ball 😀, so I made a version of Aang inspired by you. Thank you for speaking so highly of Venezuelans, this is for them too.😍

I think those YouTubers that's does the rolling in reverse and other crazy stunts also take time to practice and they'd have injured themselves a lot of times too. I think it's scary moving backwards but I think with regular practice and maybe reading books on how to do those reverse effortlessly with time you'll be good.

I was cringing watching all of this aaaa you are legit, this looks like a great effort almost like going to the gym lol. I have a feeling that after some practice I will see awesome stuff from you, you surely are ambitious. As I watched this, I wondered myself how do you manage to get up on that thing, it is so small and it can hold a human. Balance balance. Brave of you to show the learning process.

Getting involved in niche things is awesome.

Love this! I have been wanting to try this! Rollerskating is fun but this looks intense! Much hugs to you and yours!

That looks like a lot of fun, but with a painful learning curve. Any idea whether the company will release some sort of firmware upgrade to it to prevent the shin-busting?

I just realized, is there no seat on it? do you think it would be easier if there was or would it be harder to maneuver? At least the unit seems pretty durable! :)

wao that's magnificent, you do very well honey

Wow. This is lovely. Watching this makes me have a feeling like am the one riding on it and actually a bit nervous. I love it honestly. And definitely with my skill will bring out some beautiful figure sketches of you riding on it....