That has an operculum

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It lives in fresh water; puddles, ponds, river banks, and able to climb above the water line to reach food. That ability is a disruption to agriculture. It eats all types of aquatic vegetation, algae and microscopic plants. Amphibians, and has a combination of gills and lungs. Also has branchial respiration. These organs help it expand the area of search for food. It also has an operculum (as a sort of "trapdoor" to close the aperture of the shell when the soft parts of the animal are retracted, as shown in the 3rd image from above) Very adaptable to the tropical climate. In the dry season, it buries itself in the mud, sometimes, up to 1 meter down. But most of the time is spent in water. Moving at night, and during the day shelter behind the shadows of plants, as we encounter this, but some of them also have begun to move because it will soon be night. That is Pila ampullacea. (Extracted from sources: Ampullariidae; Freshwater snail; Operculum; Pila ampullacea; Pila ampullacea.)