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RE: Why should I post my content on Hive?

in OCDlast year

I see you among the most successful people here, and inspire me. Frankly, I want to seek your attention, and I want your advice, what can I do to be successful even if it's not as successful as you. And if I may ask, do you see that I have prospects on Hive? I really want to be permanent in this beehive! Forgive me that this might be considered inappropriate and can show my personal dark side.


First question is, how do you have a reputation of 70 and only 40 Hive Power?

I got to reputation 70 when I was still contributing to Steemit. For a long time, I got support from the kind people there who want to pay attention to my posts. But then, I saw a clash or conflict between good people, I mean, the whales.which I really don't really understand, but I think about centralization and decentralization. I like decentralization, and really support it. I was already uncomfortable there at that time, and I stopped. Powerdown until nothing is left. For quite a long time too. Finally and I just got word from friends, that now it's Hive, and decentralization is the most important issue here. I want to be active again, hoping to get support, and get income from the time and effort I spent. That is all. Is that a misstep? If it's a misstep, then it's unfortunate. Shame on me!

Very thankful for willing to reply to me, and thank you very much.

So, you have earned between 10,000 and 20,000 HIVE, but hold 40 - it is very hard to say you support a community if not much goes back into the community. In my experience, the way to earning more on Hive is supporting more on Hive.

We all make the decisions we make and you might of got attention on your posts, but that is not guaranteed. This is why when one is able to earn, I think it is best to make sure one powers up. This is especially important in a community as it is through powering up I can support others too.

Yes, I realized that, and I have done it before, and now I have also done Powerup, so that I can then support the community. I might need a second chance.