Here's WHY they give it to you for FREE

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As I showed on matrix earlier, these covid "vaccines" are not vaccines at all. They're mRNA injections.

So, if you willfully get Bill Gates' programmable nanobots and software (Patent #060606) injected into your body, it does not matter which company you get the vaccine from (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca (they just changed their name to Vaxzevira LOL), etc).

These companies are giving away multiple injections to hundreds of millions of people, NOT to make a profit, but to implement the New World Order final agenda. The injection immediately goes to work modifying your DNA, and legally turning you into their Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) so they legally own you (and slaves must obey), and can control your bodily functions with WiFi (such as 5G (ever wonder why people are receiving new, free wifi routers from their ISP?)).

Why would all these companies give away their products for free? For example, this company actually calls their "Operating System" injection (like Windows, Macintosh, etc) the "Software of Life":

They're not even trying to hide the agenda anymore.

Don't even let them "test" you for covid. Their tests are also taking your DNA and implanting people with more nanobots.

Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, The Clinton Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Rothschilds... They need your willful compliance with all of this so that they can own (and control) the world, even YOU...

This is the endgame.


Utter nonsense

Please read the ingredients of their "vaccine". No need to thank me. 💙