Covid-19 as pretext to introduce NWO end game

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Never let a god crisis go to waste. Bilderberg, you have your global agenda that makes 9/11 look provincial. The war on terror, where anyone could be a terrorist in any Muslim country, has morphed to war on virus, where anyone could be a carrier anywhere, asymptomatic.

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Social distancing is the new norm – indefinitely. This will not go away. It has been programmed into the psyche of the planet now. And the fear of cash, as cash gets removed and replaced by the digital dollar, blockchain has been usurped by the elite. Maybe it was designed by the Bildeberg elite, who knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is anyway?

The economic collapse was looming long before this collapse. Virus was just the catalyst. Was it engineered this way? You tell me. Social engineering is happening en mass now. 21 day lockdown in my country of South Africa as well as half the planet is just the start. And this virus won’t go away in a year. It may go on for several years. The coincidence that this is in election year in USA is ironic. The fact that it is during the Grand Solar Minimum, the sun spot minimum is ironic. And the minimum is only next year so it get worse next year and the year after before it improves. Social distancing and alienation of one person to another is here to stay.

Removing any congregation of people isolates us even more. No more gathering of like-minded people, whether social, sport, religious, is all being removed. It’s easy to work online or from home for those in the right industries. But others will go bankrupt, as the Great Depression arrives. It’s 1929 soup kitchens and queues for the masses. Home schooling online is the new norm. This will have a second wave, and a third, for years. Get ready.

One world dictatorship under mass surveillance with a digital dollar means that you and I are all under control. We are all monitored, every movement, every spend. And the Bildebergs or NWO or whatever, will pull the plug on our liberties at the click of a mouse. Goodbye freedoms, liberties, as global “china on steroids” emerges. Peer group policing is the new norm, report any dissidents, all pushed by fear of the virus. UBI if you deserve it and abide by their rules, otherwise your plug is pulled and you are penniless, unable to obtain food or to travel.

The current conditioning will train us to accept much more draconian measures in future. Many may die from the virus, possibly assisted by the new 5G rollout that targets us. Nothing is certain. Depopulation or culling the herd of the ageing population seems like the plan here. Winter is still coming, as our old favorite GOT told us, and literally winter is coming to me in the south, where virus may spread still further. What will the township masses all squashed together do? 5 to a room in a one-roomed house, hundreds sharing a communal toilet, and communal tap, use your imagination.

Military hot wars may break out now. Israel is pushing its might against Palestine and neighboring nations in the Middle East, USA is using live rounds in the South China Sea bordering on China. This is like the Great Depression and the Spanish Flu all wrapped in one, along with the possible world war that follows. It may be time to head for the hills. Your capacity to make your own money is being taken away, you now are dependant on the UBI from big brother. Your need for socializing as a social animal is being curtailed, perhaps indefinitely. Bildeberg is implementing their end game on planet earth. The one world order is the result. This will look like the Great Depression for years to come. The solar minimum gets to its lowest next year, 2021, and then eases until 2025, and then gets worse again until around 2030, another low point, but even lower than 2021.

Brave New World by the NWO is here for all. Social re-indoctrination, new money and new work, education and communication, all arriving now. And remember, anyone could be the enemy, could be a carrier of the asymptomatic virus. “Doxxing” or the naming and revealing of whoever has the virus by mobile phone tracking them and everyone else now, is the way they usher in total surveillance. And people are going to accept total surveillance out of fear of the virus. Privacy is gone, freedom is over, liberty is a thing of the past. We may as well rewrite the USA national anthem. No more land of the free, now it’s land of the NWO. China already has this.

Check out this interesting video released three days ago on 24 March 2020, just around the start of our global lockdown. “The invisible enemy” is a term used by Trump. We are all the potential carrier so we are all the potential enemy. Compulsory vaccine and tracking incoming. HungerGames anyone?

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I've been saying the same thing but I'm called crazy this fiat system is going down this was just a trail tun for the totalitarian tiptoe and they clearly see it as a success, the middle class who are the engine-room of any economy is gobbling up the narrative as if it were signed into law and anyone who thinks anything different is insensitive to the situation.

If they think this virus is going to be bad, wait till you see the death rate they won't report on from the economic fallout.

Good point, the Great Depression is just beginning and we have not seen anything like it in our lifetimes.

You are basically right. That is what they planned.
But you sound like you have given up...
Be a Warrior, not a Worrier ;)
"They" also make mistakes and fight eachother.
Stay woke, create petitions, change laws, use the rights we still!
Who knows if or how humanity will come out of this.
United, Humanity would still be the biggest force on the planet...
Give them a nice "fight", no matter what the outcome is...
Mindset is everything.

Thanks for the inspiring advice buddy. I'm down to my last month's rent and food, accessing free wifi hotspot to even post here. So may be living in a tent in the bush this time next month. Luckily I have a solar panel and battery to run laptop lol. Using Steem powerdown to pay rent next month...if Bitcoin price doesn't crash further.

There are new Corona Laws out (here in Berlin/Germany), that you don't have to pay rent or get support...
Check yours ;)
Funny enough it's the Big Shops/company in the Mall that announced they will stop paying rent because they are out of business, even though they would have the money.
I will check mine tomorrow.
Take advantage of those things...good luck!

@julianhorack As an introvert, I'm not too affected by the social distancing measures (for now, at least). I initially welcomed it as a breather to the frenetic pace of life here in the ever bustling city.

But you're right. Isolation will only increase as it drags - any sense of community may be eroded.

It's scary to see "divide-and-conquer" quite literally taking place now. :/

My only hope is that however bad this Great Depression of the 2020s get, what doesn't kill us will make us stronger. (Just realised that it is quite nearly a century apart, is that mere coincidence?)

Btw, do you mind explaining the Grand Solar Minimums? Thank you!