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RE: EUC VLOG #001 Discussing video podcast opportunities within the Hive community!

in OCDlast year

You truly spent a lot because I remember prior to the pandemic you didn't have a unicycle and the 360 camera. As for the Venezuelan community I think what I know is that they have some fantastic content creator @hlezma for one is one of them.
Does the unicycle has some kind of speed increase?


Thanks for the heads up on @hlezma, @josediccus! That's great. I'm probably returning the GoPro and buying an Insta360 camera instead. The GoPro does this thing that cuts your video in to 4GB segments. I understand why they do that. It's meant to help videographers so that if something fails, they only lose part of the footage and not all of it, but I hate it. I'm shooting 360 almost all of the time and it's almost impossible to rejoin those clips at the exact same time and space.

Hey @kommienezuspadt Just a thought re the go pro chopping up into 4GB pieces... There is some software called MP4Joiner - its free and maybe good for stitching those 4GB files back together again.